Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Job Award

The first time I entered the hotel to submit my application, the first thing that caught my eyes were the plaques that nicely hanged in the wall of the lobby. It says, "Employee of the Month" with its corresponding year. I thought it was pretty cool. Well, never in my wildest dream that I could get hired and that my name would be included in the list. Whoa!

After a 10-day vacation, I kind of missed my work but I thought I needed one more extra day off because I caught by a flu. But I thought no, I had to go back to work. I remember when I went to the Philippines last year, I got flu so I called in sick and I don't want it to be a precedent. It is a bad practice. Should I do it again this time; my boss wont trust me anymore on my future vacation.

So having a heavy headache, runny nose and teary eyes, I went to work. As soon as I was buzzed-in the front desk, my co-worker Stephanie greeted me and handed me a Plaque and an envelope. I asked, "What are these for?" She replied, "Those are for you. You are an Employee of the Month." I said, "Oh I see, thank you." I bet Steph had observed that I was not happy. I was just feeling sick that time.

When I was already alone and after I have done my initial routinary work in the mean time, I opened the kind of styro that covers and protects the Plaque to check what it looks like. When I look at it, my reaction was, "OMG!" I was so happy to see my name written neatly in it! When I opened the envelope, my reaction was "OMG again!" Whoa! Enclosed was a check and a Restaurant gift certificate! Pretty cool huh?

My husband and my teeners said they are very proud of me.

Thanks to all my big bosses and most of all, thanks to you Dear Lord!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Awesome Night with Mr. Martin Nievera and Mr. Gary Valenciano

What: As 1 Concert Featuring Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano
When: March 12, 2010
Where: Tuscany Convention Center, Peppermill Hotel and Casino, Reno, NV

It was exciting, kind of “disappointing” but indeed surprising!

I am not really an avid fan of either Martin N. or Gary V. but I appreciate their talents. When I was watching Wowowee at Lake Tahoe last year, “As 1” concert had been promoted and never in my wildest dream that I could get to watch it.

I was with my Filipina friends Emy and Ate Cecilia. The latter got a free room and free tickets for the concert, I forgot to mention, free dinner too. Again, FREE. When Ate Cecilia claimed the free tickets, she was also given 3 VIP IDs, wow! We were one of those Very Important People that night. Wasn’t that exciting?

The show accordingly, will start at 8:30pm so we went to the venue at 7:30pm. Alas! When we were ushered to the convention center, the Chief Security of the event approached us and told us that camera is not allowed inside. Waaah! They didn’t spare VIPs! I was very disappointed, actually, I was pissed! He explained that Artists requested it. Whatever! Anyhow, I had no choice except to bring back my cam in the room.

As expected, 99.99% of the crowd were Filipinos. A lot of people are coming from Sacramento and Daly City, California. Take note, the weather was really bad out there and they had to put chains on their tires just to keep going or else their cars will be buried in the snow, just for the love of our 2 Kababayans. One thing I noticed about Filipinos (as my eyes wandered around), is that we really dress up pretty good. We are “Fashionistas.” White people are not. They don’t really care. Anyways, as VIPs, we sit at Row 19, seats 12, 13, and 14. We can see the stage very clearly from our seats. Different kinds of drinks were also free. But I was really sad when I saw a lot of people taking pictures while waiting for the start of the show. It really made me more unhappy especially when I remember my hubby reminding me “Mahal please don’t forget to bring extra batteries.” I did not forget. Grrr!

Since it’s a Filipino show, of course, it’s also Filipino time when it started. As soon as the lights turned off, all people who seated at the back moved to the vacant seats in the front, we are one of those people, so when the show really started, we were already at the Row 5, seats 5, 6, and 7. Hehe! We were very close to the stage. There were still late comers and some of the people who moved closer  had to move back  from where they seated, luckily, no one claimed our seats until the show was over. My estimate on the number of people inside the convention center was more or less 3,000. Geez!

Everyone was very pleased when Martin N. and Gary V. went onstage. They looked exactly the same on TV. They sang together in the first part then Martin introduced Gary and vice versa. Then they sang one at a time with their own version of different songs. Just imagine the people shouting and whistling. There was a part of the show that they described each other. Martin described Gary V. as a God-fearing person, a doting father and a good husband. On the other hand, Gary described Martin as loud, witty, a caring father and a “riot” person. The description “loud” and “riot” is really a bull’s eye for Martin. And I want to add the word “kengkoy”.

They sang the theme songs of different teleseryes like Kahit Isang Saglit, Dahil May Isang Ikaw, Tayong Dalawa, Lobo, Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo and many others. Martin mentioned this saying, “The sun shines the brightest after the storm” when he sang an inspiring song, my favorite, “I will Be Here” which he dedicated to Bagyong Ondoy victims. The saying is indeed true literally and figuratively.

I learned that Gary V.’s “Sana Maulit Muli” was composed by no less than his wife Angeli Pangilinan who was there in the crowd too, sitting at the first row. Hmm.

The show lasted for 2 hours. Had I pay for it, I would say, it’s worth it, in the truest sense of the word, amid my disappointment. I am so proud of them. They were really great entertainers. If given a chance to watch it over again and pay for it, I would certainly do it.

There were CDs sold in a booth inside the venue but none of us bought one because of the long line of people, to meet and greet Martin and Gary while signing autographs.

We went to our room reminiscing the concert, etc, every now and then, staring at my digital camera. I was still hurt. I didn’t have souvenir except the VIP ID. After awhile, we decided to come down to play. Everything was free and I had pocket money so why not give my share, hehe! For the record, I did not win. BUT… here is the surprising part which I mentioned earlier.

I was playing a penny machine when my eyes caught a camera flash at my right side, when I looked and checked, I saw few Filipinos with Mr. Gary V! He was wearing a baseball cap and he was with 2 guys. Waaah! I remember my camera again. That really made me more so saaaad! I really wished I had my cam with me that time. So I called him, “Gary V.!” then I waved at him. He smiled, waved back and said “I hope you are having fun!”. I was stammered. I didn’t know what to say. Until he waved and said bye after picture taking. Waaah! When I hit the machine, I didn’t know that it was for maximum bet! Toink, my money was gone that fast!

I ran to Emy to tell her what happened. She was way far from me. I didn’t know where was Ate Cecilia that time. The Casino is huge. I was talking to Emy with wide eyes and wide smile, looking enthusiastic. She was facing the machine while I sat the opposite while swiveling the chair, when somebody showed up from nowhere and said loudly “Aha!” I was shocked for a second when I saw the owner of the voice. OMG! It was Martin Nievera! The first thing I remember was my camera again! Waaah! I shouted, “Martin! It’s good that my camera is not with me or else I will really run after you!” He just acted funny (imagine his face on TV while doing ka-kengkoyan) then continue walking. He walked too fast. He was following a guy. Emy and I were acting crazy while laughing out loud. We had mixed feelings! We were so happy that we saw him thinking that he was the one who made the move to “pansin” us. And at the same time, we were so sad that we didn’t have a camera with us. I felt like I wanted to cry like a child, throw myself and roll on the carpet while crying out loud to express my regrets.

When I was calmed down, I thought of the positive side. I considered myself lucky to see and “talk” with both of them even in a short period of time only.

This has been my moment with Martin Nievera, the Concert King and with Gary Valenciano, the "Mr. Pure Energy."

Hope you had fun while reading this post.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DST Thingy and Just my Two Cents

I saw these papers posted anywhere in the hotel, from the clock-in/out machine, and info boards in every department. I found extra copies on the photo copier in the front desk so I took photo of them ( I am like a "trying-hard" photographer.)

I have two issues here, err.. two things to share. First the DST or the Day Light Saving Time, next, is my point of view about something.

Firstly, DST or Daylight Saving Time according to Wikipedia, is the practice of advancing clocks so that afternoons have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn. That's the instruction right there in the paper. It is not new to us because our country have done this before, if my mind serves me right, three times already. At this time, Philippines has 16-hour difference to Nevada (Pacific Standard Time) and starting March 14, it would become 15-hour difference.

I don’t know why we have to do this. Other States like Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe this DST thing. Whatever.

Secondly, is the translation from English to Spanish or Mexican Language. Have you heard this “saying”, “Where there are Jobs, there are Filipinos”? This is also true to Mexicans here in  Nevada, perhaps same with other states too. They are everywhere. The problem is, most of them are not interested to learn English. It is because they don’t learn it from school and the more that they don’t learn it from home unlike us Filipinos. personally, I harldy understand them. You speak English to them but they will answer you in Spanish.  

Americans are considerate enough that  they  translate every form of informations or instructions or any reading materials to Spanish. In this case, most of Mexican people or Hispanic people don’t want to learn English anymore because they are spoon fed. Imagine, even the State of the Union or Nation Address of the President had been translated for their consumption. What happened here now is that a lot of Americans (including my hubby) are trying to learn Mexican so that they can communicate with them very well. I am studying it too. Hmmm. Lucky them.. I am not against them personally because they are good and hardworking people too like us but the issue is, when you apply for a job like in a bank or in a Medical office, or any establishment, although they can’t single out that they required Bi-lingual (English-Spanish) because they might be charged for discrimination, they will ask you how good you are in Spanish, anyway. They will say ''prefer" not "required" to play it safe.

And lately, according to the demographic survey, there is a high percentage of the number of children and child-bearing age of Hispanic people compared to White people. That is alarming. In the near future, USA might become... you know what I meant. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rain is coming!

Does this view look familiar? I had one photo of the same view taken when it snowed last week. This is what it looks like without snow. This time, we see the dark clouds that smothered the sky.

It's going to rain! Yeheey! Well, as I am writing this, rain drops starting to fall outside already.

I wish this picture were taken in the Philippines. My country needs rain, a lot of rain, to combat el nino.

Sad news has been reported of the effects of  el nino phenomenon in the Philippines. Animals and crops were already damaged and killed. Water dams and reservoirs are almost depleting. People are seeking for government help and support especially farmers and livestock raisers. Power supply has been limited and consistent rotating brown-outs has been scheduled all throughout the country.

I am very sad on what has been happening to my country now. I am worried of my loved ones back there. I hope they are all safe and sound amidst drought.

"Rain, rain, go away, go to the Philippines to send el nino away!"


When I was still in the Philippines, a friend gave me a book entitled "The Bridges of Madison County". It was authored by Robert James Waller. A film was also made which was directed and starred by no less than Clint Eastwood with Meryl Streep. The story was about Robert Kincaid, a world class photographer, and Francesca Jhonson, an Iowa farm wife.

It was a love story that I can't forget because I cried a river when I read it and I cried a river when someone I loved that time (ahem!) stole it and burned it together with my other books for the reason that he didn't like them.

I've been looking for the same book since then and luckily, after 9 years, I've found one in one of the thrift stores in Reno! Finally!

Now, I am planning to buy the film pretty soon.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have a Dream..

I love Designer purses. I bet 99% of women do.

"This is my dream purse, haha!" as the writing goes in my clipping :)  When I searched it online, my reaction was "OMG!" So I told myself, "Never mind."
It's not my priority at this time. It can wait.

Instead, I posted it in the right side of the wall of our room for me to take a glimpse of it every now and then. And it somehow makes me smile. I know deep in my heart that it will remain a dream forever. As the song goes "All I have to do is dream. Dream, dream, dream... "

Friday, March 5, 2010

Farming via Farmville

I admit I am one of those millions of people who are addicted to farming in Farmville.

Among those bunches of applications or games to choose to, I chose Farmtown and Farmville. My sister Ivy told me that if I am familiar and good at them already, I can try the Restaurant City. This saying "You cannot serve two masters at the same time" proven to be true. I just can't give enough time for both of them so I discontinued playing Farmtown and concentrated with Farmville.

Anyhow, hubby calls it "illusion farming" and I call it "virtual farming" :) I bet all farmers wished it were true! Personally, I can say that it really plays a part of my daily undertakings. It keeps me awake during times that I hardly open my eyes from a deep sleep but I should have to be up to prepare myself for work. It makes me happy and excited every time I harvest my plants. Until now, I still get amazed how the plants grow and look exactly like the real ones, same with animals.. It teaches me to share. It also challenges me.  And it feels good while looking at the whole farm. It somehow gives me this feeling of pride and fulfillment. Silly me, haha, whatever!

But one thing for sure, it is better to be addicted to this thing than addicted to drugs.

Hey neighbors, do you agree or disagree?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'ts Baack!

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I turned on the TV to watch The Filipino Channel or TFC. But there was no signal! I went to the living room and asked hubby who's busy on his computer. He said to peek at the blinds to get the answer.

When I check it out, OMG, it's snowing outside!
What a beautiful scene! (but this made the satellite dish frozen)  I rushed to my room to get my camera. Click! ' got it!

I really thought that Winter is going and that Spring is coming very very soon. I was totally wrong! Anyways, one thing that I like when it snows is the snow itself. I like to make a snow ball, play it with my hands just to feel its coldness or just to take pictures!

Snow blankets everything outside and makes it looks white and  wonderful.

This creation of God is totally amazing!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Other Eyes

They are cheap glasses but I so love wearing them. My initial plan was to use them when I am only driving but the first time I had them on, they perfectly changed my vision! I can see very clearly now. And hubby joked that I look like an old Librarian, whatever :) Librarians deal with books, that's fine with me, I love books anyway.

I had eyeglasses when I arrived here from the Philippines but my vision was not that good as what I am having now. I also had eyeglasses when I was a grade schooler but I can't remember how was my vision back then.

I feel I have been deprived of this perfect vision for almost 40 years, gosh! However, only one of my eyes is having a perfect vision now. My other eye is... never mind!

But I am happy with them though :)

Thank you to my eye doctor, Dr. Fanny Chan.

Addicted to Reading

I am insatiable when it comes to reading. It has always been my passion.

I have read all my life. I read bible stories during my elementary days. I read komiks, tagalog pocketbooks, Bisaya and Liwayway magazines in my high school days. I have always been reading newspapers, magazines, and fiction books up to now. Lately, I am into inspirational books and self-help books for a change and I like them a lot better.

When I was a pupil, I was already a voracious reader. I remember it right when my grandmother sent me for an errand; I always stop by at a teacher’s house just to read bible stories. The cover of  the book was grayish in color and it looked aged in fact some of the pages had been torn and tattered. I liked to read it because there were colored pictures in every pages and it helped me understood since it was written in English. I always remember the story of David and Goliath, Samson, Moses, Abraham, Abel and Cain, Jonah and the Whale, John the Baptist, Salome, of course about Jesus Christ and many others. I don’t know if Ma’am Soming noticed my presence in their living room every so often that time, anyhow, they had “betamax” showing then and people were a typical sight in their house.

When I was in high school, I was present at all times in “komiks and news stand” in the public market. I always keep money for komiks. My favorites were Tagalog Klasiks, Pinoy Komiks, Pinoy Klasiks and Aliwan. “Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita” was my most looked-for story then. There were many times that my father and I bumped each other because he also read tabloid everyday. I knew he was not happy to see me there but I just grinned at him mischievously.

In my first marriage, I began to get interested in current events. My good father-in- law subscribed Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper everyday and he always gives the papers to me after reading it. If I couldn’t understand the meaning of a certain word, I asked him and he always shares his point of view in a certain issues on politics, peace and order, and economy, among others. I learned the meaning of “plebiscite” from him and he explained to me the difference between election and plebiscite. At any rate, my sis-n-law got Sidney Sheldon book entitled “Master of the Game” and when I got to read it, I’ve started to get addicted to read any kind of books since then. At present, I have bunch of books authored by Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Dan Brown, John Grisham and many others.

During my employment in the provincial government, I always go to the library during lunchtime or when I feel so sleepy during siesta time. My workmates knew where to look for me if I am not around in the office. I got to read all Good Housekeeping magazines, Reader’s Digest, cookbooks, newspapers both Manila Times and Philippine Daily Inquirer in the library. In short, I am a patron there.

When I got here in U.S., hubby took me to the community library and I registered myself there. I borrowed grammar books to improve my “carabao” English. But later on I got interested in craft books so I borrowed one about “beadwork” that eventually taught me how to make earrings, bracelet, necklace and many other crafts.

Without reading resources, I think life would be blue!

Shall we read?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Best Buddy "Lappy"

Dell Mini 12" Laptop Computer.

I am so happy when hubby gave this laptop with accessories including fancy case as birthday gift to me last year.  It is light and handy. And I always bring it with me when we travel anywhere.

While hubby is checking his mail in his desktop computer, I am also busy in my Facebook or Farmville :) or busy writing post for my blog or searching something or anything using my laptop.

I call it "buddy"' because it's what I only have when hubby is at work.

I so love it!


These are few of my favorite "obra-maestras", haha! Aren't they pretty?

Margaret and Wewei are in the upper picture.
Margaret is huggable :)  She loves to eat!
Wewie is a  very nice young lady and bubbly. And she is kikay :)

This lady named Vanessa is one of my close friends. She is a hottie!

Hmm.. I notice that I used purple and purplish color on these crafts.
Nope, its not my favorite color :) Not really.

I hope you like them though.
More "digi-craps"' using different shades later.

Thanks for viewing!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Cute Media Player

It's my music player and my teacher!

I started to get bored at work and I felt I needed to do something aside from staring all those lights from the slot machines  in the casino which is closer to the front desk or watch the big tv screen in the bar while waiting the time for my next paper work to do. Winter makes people lazy to travel or to go out, so the hotel business is kinda "'dead".

I mentioned it to hubby and last Valentine's Day, he wrapped this MP3 Player for me. I was reallly surprised!  I really wanted one to listen to my favorite songs! It's memory capacity is 1,000 songs only, I mean, 1,000 songs (that's too much.)

As expected, I downloaded my favorite Original Pilipino Music/OPM, and of course, music  in the 80's :) My favorite song is "The Best of Times" by Styx so I downloaded it first.  Now, I have more or less 200 songs and I think, I  have enough already.

Before I got this player, I planned to self-study Spanish language since hubby has a Spanish  lessons on tapes which were left to dust in a box. It is an advantage here if you speak Spanish. Well, I didn't need that tapes anymore because hubby downloaded "Learn to Speak Spanish"' audio book straight to my MP3! Yeheey!
Now I enjoy listening to my favorite songs and I enjoy learning Spanish. And I was not surprised to hear familiar words. I bet I can learn easily because we also use some Spanish words.

When I'm competent in Spanish, I might download "Learn How to Speak Italian or Chinese",  how about that?


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