Monday, March 1, 2010

My Cute Media Player

It's my music player and my teacher!

I started to get bored at work and I felt I needed to do something aside from staring all those lights from the slot machines  in the casino which is closer to the front desk or watch the big tv screen in the bar while waiting the time for my next paper work to do. Winter makes people lazy to travel or to go out, so the hotel business is kinda "'dead".

I mentioned it to hubby and last Valentine's Day, he wrapped this MP3 Player for me. I was reallly surprised!  I really wanted one to listen to my favorite songs! It's memory capacity is 1,000 songs only, I mean, 1,000 songs (that's too much.)

As expected, I downloaded my favorite Original Pilipino Music/OPM, and of course, music  in the 80's :) My favorite song is "The Best of Times" by Styx so I downloaded it first.  Now, I have more or less 200 songs and I think, I  have enough already.

Before I got this player, I planned to self-study Spanish language since hubby has a Spanish  lessons on tapes which were left to dust in a box. It is an advantage here if you speak Spanish. Well, I didn't need that tapes anymore because hubby downloaded "Learn to Speak Spanish"' audio book straight to my MP3! Yeheey!
Now I enjoy listening to my favorite songs and I enjoy learning Spanish. And I was not surprised to hear familiar words. I bet I can learn easily because we also use some Spanish words.

When I'm competent in Spanish, I might download "Learn How to Speak Italian or Chinese",  how about that?


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