Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011, Hello 2012!

Farewell 2011.

I hate saying goodbye. But, hey, thank you for the good and the bad times that we've shared. For all those times, I shall say, "You taught me quite so well." 

Hello 2012!

I love attending welcome party! Welcome 2012! In the next few hours (US Time) we are going to meet each other in a big Bang.   So, what have you stored for me this year? Are you gonna be nicer to me this time? Well, I certainly hope so! Because whether you like it or not, I'm gonna be the best that I can be! So... bring it on!

Have a Blessed New Year everyone!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fashion Trend for 2012

2012 is 2 days away (US Time) and I am excited what's ahead of us as to fashion trend. I am not a fashionista but I am kinda curious what's gonna be "IN" next year so I've created a thread in GT Forum about Fashion Trend for 2012 to gather info. I've learned that:

Pointed-toe shoes are in:

Also clear shoes:

Also buckled shoes:

For Clothing: Cropped top

Also rounded shoulders:

Also color blocking:

Prints: Floral and Stripes

For color, according to Journalist Karen Davila, brown is the color of 2012 but according to Pantone dot com, it is Tango Tangerine;

We'll see in the near future if these are accurate.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Happy New Year everyone!


Heel Condoms: Latest Fashion Statement

I was surfing the Internet looking for articles about Fashion trend for 2012 when I stumbled upon this kinda "controversial" name of a shoe accessories called "Heel Condoms."

Dressed shoes or with heel condoms:

Behind this Heel Condoms is a 24 -year old lass from Puerto Rico named Sandrysabel Ortiz. She thought, "if we dressed up, why not dress up our shoes?"  Hence,  "Heel Condoms" have been created.

How cool is that?

Wanna try them?

They cost from $25 to $30 a pair.

Thanks for dropping by. Have good one!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kristine Hermosa Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Girl

Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto

Kristine Hermosa gave birth to her bundle of joy last Monday, December 26, 11:45pm, Philippine time, through normal delivery.

The actress and her husband Oyo Boy Sotto named the baby Ondrea Bliss. Ondrea  means "strong and courageous" while Bliss means "immeasurable Joy."


Source: allvoicesdotcom

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post-It or Sticky Notes "War"

I've noticed that my blog about  Post-It  has been  trending  for 3 weeks now. That is something for me. Really. I was like, "What is in Post-it?"

Been curious so I checked where were these people coming from and I found out that they 're from different countries like France, Mexico, Germany, Colombia, England, etc.

So I searched it myself to get the answer of my question. I found out that there have been some "craziness" going on in France, which  they call it "Great French Post-it War of 2011" using sticky notes or Post-it notes. Man, I didn't know that!

According to, it started when employees of Ubisoft Montreuil in France got bored, they decorated the glass walls of their building with Post-it picture of their favorite anime' characters like:


Princess Peach

Angry Bird

Hello Kitty

Pokemon (My favorite)

Anyway, their neighbors across the street at BNP bank took their Post-it artwork as a bit of a challenge so they started firing back with some window images of their own. The rest is history.

Pretty cool, ha? These people are brilliant!

There you go guys, another interesting info you got right from here.

Have a good one!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Priciest Weddings of 2011

The average couple trimmed their wedding budget by  $1,500 to $26,500- while celebrity weddings set new records for extravagance. 

Prince Albert of Monaco and Olympic Swimmer Charlene Wittstock- $65 Million

Over the Top Expense:
$1 Million for  a barbecue for 8,000  plus dinner for 500 by Chef Alain Ducasse.
US Average for Reception: $12,000

Prince William and Commoner Kate Middleton- $34 Million

Over the Top Expense:
$8,000 for flowers and foliage, including 20-foot maple and hornbeam trees

US Average for flowers: $1,400

TV Star Kim Kardashian and NBA Player Kris Humpries- $6 Million

Over the Top Expense:
$10,000 for Invitations. (Cost of divorce announcement? Free on Twitter.)

US Average for Invites: $600

Courtesy of MoneyMagazine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rhian and Mo Video

Got this video from

Pinoy Christmas Party 2011

Me and hubby :)

I've got Body and Bath Gift set


I love the hats!

checking what's inside :)

My friend  Emy and her husband Jerry

Pinay Beauties


Me, Nathalie, Emy, Yuny and Dexter aka Pinky

me and Yuny

What an arm, err, a smile! :)

There were only few of us but we had so much fun!

My lovely red dress is a Christmas gift from a very good friend Emy.  Pretty, isn't it? 

Thanks for dropping by!

Happy Holidays!

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