Monday, October 19, 2015

Very Simple Fall Decor Idea

Ain't it pretty? 

got these gourds from The General Store for $3.85. I know it is a little bit too much for 4 gourds but I thought it was worth the money. I wish I could preserve them for next year. 

Just sharing.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Have You Ever Shopped at Poshmark Before?

Poshmark is an App where you buy and sell used and unused clothes, shoes, bags and, accessories, etc. You can find almost everything here and if you have a taste for designer items, this is the place where you want to be. 

I have been a regular customer of Poshmark since early 2013 and I would say, I am mostly pretty happy with my purchases. The times when I was disappointed were merely my fault for not asking questions before buying the items which taught me a lesson, big time.

I am more of a buyer than a seller on this site. I only sold one (a used and "reposh" item) and got a bad review unfortunately. The buyer did not ask me anything and I presumed she read the description. So anyway, that discouraged me to be a seller.

This is really a cool site because you can bundle items, make an offer and can cancel the same if you need to. And it is very safe, easy and hassle-free. For the past two years, I have already purchased at least 20 times and I never had issues affecting debit/credit cards. Poshmark doesn't release the money to the seller until the buyer accepts the item. And if you have a problem with the item you received, you can return it by informing the Poshmark customer service.

If you sign up, I recommend to use this code HDQCZ so that you cant get $5.00 on your first purchase. This code is my invite code. Shopping on Poshmark is safe (just follow the rules), hassle-free and is very addictive!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Autumn in Round Mountain

What a beautiful view from my porch!

Every time autumn comes I would have mixed feelings. I like and dislike it at the same time.

I so like the beautiful color of the leaves in the trees, the good harvest from the garden and the nice and crispness of the air but I also dislike it because it means that winter is just around the corner. I meant, I love the snow, don't get me wrong, but I just hate the very cold air it brings.

Anyhow, that is Mother Nature, what can I do? So I guess I will just have to enjoy the beauty of the autumn and worry the coldness later. How about that?

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Friday, October 9, 2015

6 Things to Do Everyday- Adapted from Martha Stewart

I have a 10-hour a day 4x a week job, when I get home I'd be dead tired and just want to be lazy on my days off which I really hate. Like everyone else, I want to have a clean and tidy home all the time but I'd like to have an organized schedule.

I searched the web and I found this checklist.

1. Make the Bed- A made bed makes the whole room look tidy.

2. Manage Clutter- Pick up anything that is not where it supposed to be and put it where it belongs. Encourage every member of the family do the same.

3. Sort the Mail- Open, read and sort mail. Stash the trash and drop other mail to personal letters, bills, catalogs and filing boxes.

4. Clean as You Cook- Wash pots and dishes while preparing a meal.

5. Wipe Up Spills While They're Fresh- Remove any spills immediately.

6. Sweep the Kitchen Floor- Every night, after using the kitchen, sweep the floor to keep away dirt and grime from building up.

Would you like a printable checklist? Get it from here.

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