Thursday, April 30, 2009

Biyaheng Balik-Pinas

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My time was very limited. I only had few days, including travel time from April 17- April 28, 2009

Before my kids and I left, I had so many things in mind to do when I get to the Philippines. I planned to see all my family members especially my grandpa Tatay Bering and my former officemates and my classmates in high school and of course my close friends. I planned to see a Dermatologist and a Dentist. I was really hoping to make these plans realized. These plans are excluded in my main purpose of coming back home: to enroll my kids in college and find a good place for them to stay in Davao City.

I had this very frightening experience in Las Vegas Airport when we entered the Security gate. The first man who check the plane tickets of each passenger told me that I have SSSS on my ticket, meaning, Secondary Security Screening Selection, a code used by airlines on boarding cards of passengers selected for secondary security screening. I felt like I was treated like I was a bomber or a drug dealer! After putting all my things in a plastic tray and passing thru an X-ray Machine like other passengers did, I was being scrutinized again with another lady and my heart was pounding fast when she put bright orange tag on my hand bag and on my arm. Waaah! Then I heard someone called for a VIP, something like that. One of the Security Officers asked me if I speak Spanish. I said, “No, I am a Filipino”. Then a lady came and said, “Do not touch your purse”. I was told to take a seat in a corner while watching the two ladies inspecting everything in my bag. I asked them, “What happened? I am scared.” The other lady said, “You will be fine, just relax”. Then I saw my stuff taken by the lady one by one using a tool which I couldn’t recall until now what it was. I felt safe when I heard of them said, “The purse is clear.. The shoes are clear.. Everything is clear. You may now take off that orange tag on the purse and on her arm”. I really wanted to scream “Thank you Lord!” afterwards. I saw hubby from afar looked too anxious. He waited there until we passed the Security gate. I gestured at him that everything went okay.

The plane took-off past 7pm, April 17 and it had lay-over in Vancouver, Canada for an hour. Transit passengers like us disembarked from the plane and stayed in a designated area in the airport.We were not allowed to wander around the entire airport, and we just sit there until its time for us to embark in the plane. The foods are great and the flight attendants were nice. I noticed that when we were back in the plane, new group of crew greeted us. I bet the plane will change crew in every destination. We arrived in Manila very early in the morning, April 19. When we got-off the plane, whew! The air that embraced us is warm enough for us to take off our jackets or sweaters.

We arrived in Davao International Airport at 8:30am, April 19 and we waited for 2 hours before my family members came to fetch us. Yep, we waited for 2 long hours. We were too tired of the long flight and of waiting. Anyways, we were happy to see all of them smiling wide when they saw us J. That made my anger cooled down. I was so happy to see my mom, all my nieces and nephews and my 4 beautiful sisters. My one and only brother and my youngest sister were the only ones missing.

Afterwards, we went to Times Beach Seafood Restaurant and had our sumptuous lunch there then we went to a nearby SM Shopping Mall afterwards to treat my nieces and nephews. They were all having great time at World of Fun. We stayed in a family friend’s house in Davao then we headed to Agusan. We got there at dawn then we took for a few hours rest then my Mom and my youngest sister headed to Agusan del Norte to visit my Lolo. We had lechon baboy but I enjoyed eating “igi”, a fresh water shell from Lake Mainit. We didn't stay there for the night and we left at dawn. Imagine how tired I was that time. From 18 hours of plane ride and 5 hours bus ride from davao to agusan then another 3 hours going to my lolo's place. That time I started to sneeze and I had already a runny nose. My head was so heavy and I felt I was having a fever inside my body. The next day we went to the cemetry to visit my dad's tomb. God, I really miss him a lot.

We needed to go back to Davao because my kids had to take Entrance Exams in their chosen field and school. I still had many things in mind.I wanted to invite Pastor Ricardo Solomon and family for a dinner but I just had no time. I really wanted to see my friends but I have very limited time and I was not feeling well. And I wanted to see my cousins too. When the entire family had dinner at one of my sister’s house, my brother came up with an idea to have an overnight stay in Dap-dap Beach. So I invited my cousins to come. We stayed in the beach overnight and we had great time there.

I started coughing a lot. Geez. I had fever and colds. In short, I had a flu. I exhaled hot air and I just wanted to lie down and sleep. Saturday night, we headed back to Davao. I was dead tired and sick. But I managed myself to go to SM to buy some stuff for pasalubong. My cousin Carol saw the Oro Derm Spa and she suggested getting facial spa and I did. I did enjoy the time lying down while the attendant from Diatagon was cleaning my face. I fell asleep but I emerged from sleep when I heard her voice, “Ma’am? Is this genuine?” And I asked with my eyes closed, “What is that?” She answered, “your nose… because I am afraid to touch it”. I giggled when I heard it, silly girl hehehe! Well, I can’t blame her because my nose is kinda wide and big hehehe! I don’t really like it but it’s my nose and its real, genuine, original, etc. Well, that somehow made me laughed out loud when I went out from the spa. My best friend’s sister Neneng went all the way to Davao from New Bataan to see me. I was too happy to see her and her gorgeous daughter. We went to David’s Salon for my new hairstyle. Jen had hers too.

The following day, Monday, I wanted to see my beautiful friend Vanessa to give her the flipflops I promised and to see my sister-in-law but I was not really feeling well. I just wanted to stay in bed to get allot of sleep and to get some rest.

The next day, Tuesday, around 9am I was on my way to the airport and my cousin Carol, my teeners and family friends were with me. My flight was 1:20pm. One of the PAL employees noticed that I was not feeling well. He asked me if I was alright. He said I don’t look okey. I said I was okay even if I was not. I was just afraid that he might think that I had swine flu and forbid me to get in the plane.

During my flight from Manila to Vancouver to Las Vegas, there were lots of Pinoys who were on the same flight. I heard they were coming to watch Pacquiao-Hatton fight. And I overheard that Pacquaio gave them free ticket, something like that. Lucky for them!

Anyways, the flight to and fro went smoothly. Mexican couple Adan and Josefina was with hubby in the airport to welcome me home. We stayed in Excalibur Hotel and headed back home the next day. While on our way home, hubby asked me, "Did you see Vanessa mahal?" I answered, "nope". Did you see Ate Inday? I answered the same. "Did you see Nathalie's mom?" Did you see Ronald and Leodilla?" "Did you see your former sister in law? Nope. Nope. Nope. Geez. I really wanted to see them but I just did not have time. Until now, I haven't communicated to any of them yet. I just don't know what to say especially to Vanessa. I hope they will forgive me.

April 17-April 28, whew! That was real quick! I swear, the next time I go back to my homeland, I would stay at least 3 weeks otherwise I won’t go at all.

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