Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Hate Snow!

When I was still back home, I wished to see and feel snow. I guess, everyone wishes the same though.

The first time it snowed here, I was like a child playing in the snow. I thought everything was bright and pretty. It was such an amazing experience for me.

But lately I have disliked it. A lot!

You may want to know why. Well, for a lot of reasons. But in fairness to the Mother Nature, the beauty of the snow which amazed me pretty well the first time was always there. But the feelings I had before is kind of different now. I hate to say this but I really don’t want snow anymore.

Snow could freeze me to death. As in. I need to have thick and warm clothes on or else I would freeze. It is very uncomfortable for me to wear thick clothes since they are heavy, yikes.

It could freeze the water pipes, hence, you would get no water. Could you imagine that? No water at all!

Besides, snow makes the road slick. You have to drive carefully and defensively to avoid mishap. The brakes would not do well and so the steering wheel. And when you walk you should be very careful so that you wouldn’t get a fall or else you will be sorry for yourself.

Here’s another reason, the bill for electricity would increase triple because of the heater, gosh!

Based on the aforementioned reasons above, do you think you would still wish to see and feel snow?

Take it from me, you would surely scream like this, “Iiiiiiiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaate this plaaaace! And I am certain that you would wish to come back home and stay for good, hehehe!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I’m a Career Woman Again!

Thank you so much God.

It’s been 8 months since I got here in the United States. In that 8 months, I could say that life was dull, NOT in the truest sense of the word though, because hubby tried to make my kids and me happy and I have found friends here too but its just because, almost everything is new to us and we missed a lot of things we had back home like the weather, foods, family and friends. Besides, I don’t like to speak English all the time J .

I really thought that as soon as I get my Green Card, I could get a job right away but because of the downfall of the economy here, I couldn’t find any that fits my qualifications. I tried to apply in a Mining Company here but the hiring discontinued because of the recession. Until last Friday afternoon, I read an ad in the local paper here that says “Red Lion Hotel and Casino is now accepting applications for Night Auditor-Front Desk Clerk” I thought it’s a good news but at the same time bad news in the sense that it is a graveyard job.

But I was desperate to get a job so I prepared my Resume then I went to the Hotel the following day. When I got there, someone gave me an Application Form to fill out then I was told to come back on Monday because bosses are off on weekends. I filled out the form but I was not contented with it when I finished because there was one entry that I mistakenly wrote. I told hubby to get another form for me. When he read it he said there is no need because it looked good but I was persistent. I told him I won’t apply if he won’t get another form for me. So he went ahead to get another form. I filled it out neatly and correctly. I wanted to get acquainted with the duties and functions of a front desk clerk so I searched it in the Internet and printed it for my consumption.

Monday morning at exactly 8:00 o’clock, dressed up, I submitted the application form because it says in the paper to apply in person. I talked to the Hotel Desk Manager. She seemed a nice person. She asked me some questions. "Do you think you can do the job?" I said, "Yes, of course! I am a flexible person, my children are grown-ups, I have a supportive husband and I am a people kind of person. I like to interact with different kind of people. I can speak and understand English, although I couldn’t say that I am fluent but I think I am good at it. I think I can do the job." She said, "But you have to work at night and do some swing shift too, is that okay with you?" I replied, "Yes, that’s fine with me. I am a tough girl! I need to work because I am going to send my children back home early next year to continue their college education." After the question and answer portion, she smiled and said “I think you can do the job. Please come back at 1:30pm."  I thanked her and I left.

I was hoping to get the job. I prayed hard.

I came back at 1:30pm. I talked to the same lady. Her smile made me smile too J . She said that the owner of the hotel was impressed on the quality of my handwriting! Funny! Well, I wrote everything neatly, correctly and clearly. While waiting for the hotel owner, she told me about the type of the uniform that I am going to wear (if I get hired), the salary, the benefits, the job, the people, everything that I want to know. She added that the hotel owner is a fair and good employer, etc. When the boss came, he looked respectable and nice. We exchanged hellos and I introduced myself and he did the same. We talked for awhile about my previous job in the Philippines, conversion of peso, my schooling in ESL Class, etc. He asked me if I am familiar with the duties of the job I am applying for and I answered him that I studied it already because I searched it in the Internet. I think he was impressed with my answerJ . I jokingly told him that I am resourceful person, yikes! Without further ado, we shook hands and he said, "We will still do an interview to the other applicants today but we will call you sooner, maybe tomorrow." I said, "Thank you Sir." I also thanked the Desk Manager and we exchanged byes.

I attended ESL Classes the next morning. When I got home, Jun told me that he got a call from Red Lion and that they want to hear from me. But I had a problem, I didn’t remember the name of the Desk Manager! Hehehe! Anyways, through Emy’s suggestion (a Pinay friend here), I made it to get hold of her and she asked me if I am still interested on the job and of course I said, "YES, sure!" She instructed me to come back the following day. When I hung up the receiver, I jumped childishly! Yeheeey!

Hubby took me to the hotel and I signed a paper and got my work schedule the following day. This morning, I did the paper works, watched video about safety, etc. I got my fancy swipe employment ID with “Philippines” under my name. I got my 3 nice but large size upper uniforms. And I took the drug test at the community hospital too. I am happy that Driver’s License is not required or else… But I promised myself to practice more on my days off.

I am feeling excited but nervous right now because I’m going to start my work tomorrow for training. I would work day shift from 10am to 6pm. I would not work night shift until the 3rd week of January. Whew. I hope I could do it good. Wish me luck.

Thank you God for your unending blessings!

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