Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My First Drive-Thru Bank Transaction

I always love to share my "firsts" here but there are times that I get lazy and just want to read rather than to write. I had this first experience last month but I was too lazy to post it.

Anyway, as what I've wrote in my previous blogs, bank transaction here in US can be done thru drive-thru, just like food establishment like Jack in the Box, Mc Donald or KFC, etc. Hubby got my name included in his bank account so that I can have money anytime I need or anytime I pay bills without him so I now have my own debit card and a checkbook.

I needed to pay one of our bills, as usual, I requested my ever supportive friend Brenda, to take me to the bank since Ricardo has to work. I have a car and I know how to drive but I don't have a Driver's License yet though I have Instructions Permit but that doesn't allow me to drive. Nathalie was with us that time because we would go to the bowling lanes and we would proceed there afterwards.

I wanted to try the drive-thru so Brenda drove through the bank premises, she stopped in front of a kind of ATM. I did not have idea that it was already the “drive-thru”. I was imagining the drive-thru in the Jack in the Box, hehehe! I couldn't describe what it looks like. No one was there to talk to. The bank itself is more or less 30 meters away from where we were. I think, the best example is a gasoline station, yes, the drive-thru in the bank looked like that :) There is a screen in the machine and I could see Brenda and myself in it, suddenly a face of a woman appeared in the screen and greeted us, “Hi, how can I help you?” I was startled when I saw and heard it! Ahahahaha! I was really surprised! As in I laughed out to the max! My reaction was really funny! Brenda greeted back and then she took my check and deposit slip and she put them in a canister-like stuff, which she got inside the machine, then she put it back to the machine. The canister-like stuff was sucked up inside the machine and Brenda explained that the teller inside the bank would get it to process the deposit transaction. It was indeed amazing! Cool! Kudos to the Americans! We don’t have drive-thru bank in the Philippines! Nathalie was in the backseat and was amazed too but she just grinned, hehehehe!

It was ridiculous! I don't get ashamed of Brenda anymore because I have always been comfortable with her. But I was ashamed when she said that the teller in the bank could see and hear us! Whaaat? Waaaah! What a shame! I was sure she was laughing because of my reaction! After a few minutes, the canister popped and voila! I got my deposit receipt! Very convenient, huh?

Americans has an easy and convenient life. They don't need to exert effort in almost everything that's why most of them are fat. Sssshh...

I was still laughing out loud when we left the bank. Shocks!

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