Sunday, June 6, 2010

Special Ice Candy ala Bechay

I was invited to a graduation party by a Filipina friend and I thought I need to bring foods or drinks as my contribution. Since the party has to be held at a park and that the temperature was supposedly 80 degrees, I thought to bring something that is "frozen, cold or icy". I wanted something unique so I came up with this ice candy. I don't know if it spells "iced candy" or ice candy. Whatever :)

Anyways, I had avocado in the refrigerator so I made it as flavor. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, avocado is a vegetable here in US not a fruit so I doubted it  if Americans would try it. But I was sure  my kababayans would get crazy about it. I was right :) And not only my kababayans but also Hispanic and some white people. Hubby, who said he won't ever eat avocado with milk, tried it and liked it although at first he didn't know how to eat it. I remember there was an old American lady in the party who asked for more and there was nothing left anymore. She was really sad and I felt sorry for her.

It was a blast!

Are you interested with the recipe?

Here it is:

avocado, diced
1 can Nestle cream (big)
1 can condensed milk (big)
1 can evaporated milk (big)
6 cups water
white sugar
ice candy wrapper


Put the water in a big bowl
Pour in the carnation evap. Mix well.
Next, pour in the condensed milk
Then the avocado
Next, the Nestle cream
Put sugar to taste until you reach the desired sweetness
Make sure to mix all the ingredients very well to get the "ice creamish" texture.
Pour 2 inches or more in the ice candy wrapper using the funnel.
After 3 hours, you'll have the most creamy ice candy you have ever had :)
Sell or serve!

Note: Try other flavors like buko, mango, chocolate, halo-halo ingredients, boiled monggo ( red or green), cream style corn, fruit salad ingredients, jackfruit or langka, etc.

Have a happy day everyone!

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