Monday, September 30, 2013

Finding the Hero in Us

"Find the Hero in you", says United Blood Services organization, where hubby and I have donated our whole blood in Reno today. It was unplanned but we were happy we did it. And we even agreed to donate blood regularly from now on. We can donate again after 56 days.

I learned that aside from whole blood, we can also donate our platelet and Red Blood Cells. And I also learned that a pint of blood will be drawn from you every time you donate blood.

It takes 10 minutes to draw blood from our body but the paperwork and "question and answer" portion process will take more or less 20 minutes.

Why bother to donate blood? My simple answer is: To help those who need blood. There are more answers here.

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai (Accounting Department), Davao City who donated blood for my daughter when she got Dengue 2 years ago. And most of all, thank you to my sister-in-law Helen who asked help from them, who also was taking care of my daughter that time. Thanks guys!

For questions, visit united blood

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miss World 2013 is Megan Young from the Philippines!

What a great news!!! Congratulations!

Megan Young was crowned Ms. World 2013 among 126 equally beauty and brains candidates during the Miss World 2013 Pageant held in Bali, Indonesia, September 28, 2013. 

She is the first Miss World from the Philippines!

Being a Filipino myself, I couldn't be more prouder!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Forty Something Birthday Celebration

My Birthday cake and card from my bosses and co-workers

It was such a blessing when I woke up alive and kicking that morning and I was very grateful and thankful to the Lord Almighty.

Compared to last year, this year's birthday was just like an ordinary day because hubby was working nights and when he works nights, that means we would not see each other until his day off. He would leave at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, and I would leave at 7:30 o'clock in morning and hubby would still be driving from work that time. We would just wave to each other when we see each other down the road.

Anyway, the clinic was very busy because it was a "two-doctor" day, which means, my two bosses (eye doctors) were working at the same time. Each doctor has at least 18 patients not to include emergency patients. So imagine how busy that day was.

It was mid-day when my former Supervisor, Mr. Dave Kulsley (from The Winnemucca Inn and Casino) came in and greeted me "Happy Birthday!" I was very surprised! I remember when I was in the Philippines and celebrated my birthday with my family back there, I got a gift from him thru the mail. He was the most thoughtful person I have ever met in this foreign land. I gave him a hug and talked to him for like a minute or two.

That was when my co-workers knew that it was my birthday, hehehe! One of the patients gave me a dollar, according to her, in Michigan, the birthday celebrator would get a dollar then pin it in any part of her dress, then people would match another dollar (reminds me during a wedding, if you know what I meant, hehehe!) I did not pin it in my dress, we were too busy to do silly things like that, hahaha! But I told her and my co-workers that in the Philippines, we have this so called "Birthday leave" so we would not go to work and we are still get paid. They were like, "Wow, cool!"

Around 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the Office Manager brought a birthday cake and card but everyone was too busy to sing me a birthday song and I was too busy to blow my cake. Time has passed and we still couldn't get a chance until it was about time to leave. Everyone was exhausted and we decided to just put the cake in the refrigerator and we will deal with it the next day.

So the following day, before we did anything else, I was able to blow my cake after they sang a happy birthday song for me. We had a vanilla cake and coffee to start another two-doctor day. 

At lunch time, my friends Brenda and Rowena picked me up and took me to a Chinese restaurant as their birthday gift. That was so nice and sweet of them! Brenda gave me a birthday card with a very nice message. Brenda has been very good to me and she has not ever changed since day one of our friendship.

That's how I celebrated my forty something birthday :) Until now, I have not gotten anything from hubby yet, we'll see!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Brief Talk with a 911 Operator

I got this illustration from this site

Over a week after the death of my friend's husband because of heart failure, I happened to talk to the dispatcher or 911 operator who got the call from my friend that very early morning of August 31st, 2013. She did not elaborate what happened (I did not ask her to because I knew it was too much to ask) during the entire course of the call but she said, "It was indeed a heart breaking call".

I asked her how she handles different calls with different cases from of course, different callers. She said she has been working  for 13 years and she still gets emotional at times but she needs to focus because she has been trained to always stay "FOCUS" in order to provide help to the caller.

As the title says, it was just a brief conversation but it left me with many questions in my head about the process of the call, or how does the 911 operator locate the caller's location, things like that.

I searched it online and this is what I have found from The Washingtonian.
1. If the call comes from a cell phone, the signal travels to a nearby cell tower and is routed to a company that determines the location of the tower. The company sends the call back to the 911 center and provides the latitude and longitude of the cell tower. This process is virtually instantaneous.

2. If the call comes from a landline, the signal travels directly to the call center and automatically transmits the caller's location.

3. A 911 operator answers the call, and an automated greeting asks, "Where is your emergency?" If the caller doesn't speak English, the operator presses a button to connect to a translating service in California. On average, using a translator adds 40 seconds to the call.

4. The 911 operator confirms the caller's location, which pops up on a map on the operator's computer screen. The operator asks what's wrong and enters a code. All 911 operators memorize codes for more than 100 types of emergencies.

5. The computer system sends all of the information to the appropriate dispatcher—fire/EMS or police. Reaching this step typically takes less than 40 seconds.

6. Meanwhile, the operator follows a script for that type of emergency. All 911 operators are trained to give medical advice, such as how to perform CPR or deliver a baby.

7. The operator stays with the caller, entering additional information into the computer. The dispatcher and units see the updates on their computers. The dispatcher can also add updates.

8.  A message that a call is pending appears on the dispatcher's screen. The dispatcher clicks a button to bring up a list of the units required for that type of emergency—police, fire, or ambulance—along with a list of the units closest to the scene.

9.  The dispatcher radios the units. All units have laptops in their vehicles that display information about the emergency.

10.  The responding units arrive on the scene—typically five to six minutes after the call comes in.

Wow! Amazing, ain't it? 

Hmm. Now I know why Policemen come to an emergency scene that fast! If you can understand Cebuano or Visayan dialect, check this Christmas Party nga Naay Emergency blog. I am one of the witnesses of how fast the Policemen and EMS come to the scene after you dial 911.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Star Magic Ball 2013: My Top 3 Picks

Top 1: Julia Barretto in Michael Cinco

Top 2: Erich Gonzales in Ezra Santos
Top 3: Kathryn Bernardo in Francis Libiran

Credit to the owner of the photos above.

Julia Barretto is in number 1 spot because her gown is just so perfect for her age and for her beautiful face. Erich Gonzales looks very skinny but I find her so gorgeous in her gown. I love Kathryn since Super Inggo days that is why she is in my Top 3 list :)

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goldilocks Sansrival: Delicious!

Sansrival by Goldilocks

It was my first time to eat this cashew nut-filled dessert. It was really good! Thanks to ate Cecilia for sharing some of her sansrival.

And guess how much for a box?

It's flippin' $30.00 a box. I was like, "Oh Em Gee"! 

Ate Cecilia bought it from Reno and I am wondering how much it is in California or other State. Also, how much it is in the Philippines.

Hmm. Anyhow, thanks for dropping by. 

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Birthmonth Giveaway: A pair of Juicy Couture Sunglasses

Gorgeous Juicy Couture Sunglasses

As a comeback to blogging and as I am turning 40-something this month (Thanks God!), I am giving away a pair of gorgeous Juicy Couture Sunglasses-Aviator style. Thanks to my employer, Northern Nevada Eyecare for the great deal!

The prize shall be shipped to anywhere in the Philippines only because I will be sending these glasses to Davao City via LBC Box. Readers/bloggers abroad can join, provided, if he/she wins, the prize shall be shipped to a family or friend in the Philippines.

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