Sunday, May 30, 2010

Senti Mood Part I

I am in senti mood today. Maybe I am just tired or maybe it is just me. I am reminiscing my fave songs and I want to share them with you.

I go Crazy- I've heard this song a few times back in the Philippines and I've been looking for this since then. I didn't know that it's an old song until I stumbled upon this video. It is obvious on their outfits and the reception of the video itself, hehe! This song was a hit in the '70s. Hmm.. my birth year!

I  like this song very much. It somehow awaken me of something from the past, haha! Drama. Whatever.

How about you dear readers, when was the last time you'd  felt senti or "emu" (emotional)? What did you do? I bet some of you just watched romantic flicks, or just  listened to your fave love songs, or constructed a poem, wrote a story or maybe you just stayed in bed the whole day while staring at the wall or while reading tear-jerking book like "Tuesdays with Morrie?"  Which one?

Well, it's just one of those days. One thing  for sure, we'll get over it eventually if not soon.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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