Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Cost-Shipping for Typhoon Yolanda Victims Thru LBC

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I was able to catch the last day of LBC's free shipping for Yolanda victims in Reno, NV, yesterday! Thanks God! The deadline was supposedly on the 30th of November, which is today, but the LBC Office was full already. 

I thought the addressee was the Philippine National Red Cross but I was wrong because the box was sent to LBC Office, Pasay City, Manila c/o Melissa-Ann Macarubbo instead (pls refer to the photo above). It is okay as long as the stuff in the box would reach to Yolanda's victims. After hearing/reading news about discrepancies in distributing relief goods, I kind of not that trustful anymore especially to government agencies.

Thank you LBC! Ikaw talaga ang "Hari Ng Padala". 

Thank you also to LBC Staff in Reno: Kuya Joe (in checkered shirt) and Kuya Sam (in green shirt) for helping me! Though I am a little bit disappointed for forgetting to take photos of the overwhelming number of boxes inside the LBC Office, at least I did not forget to take photo of them, hehehe!

And thanks to hubby for putting the stuff in the box. And thanks for visiting my site. You have a good one!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Spotted: A Big/Thick-Wheeled Bicycle

Photo is owned by the author

The hubby and I were driving around downtown Reno when I spotted this guy riding on his big/thick-wheeled bicycle. That was my first time to see such a thing. It was not a fancy looking bicycle but I thought it was unique! 

I was like, "Look, Mahal! Can you get closer so that I can take a picture?" The hubby being a supportive husband tried to get closer to the guy and there, I was able to take a photo!

I don't know if people would find this post interesting but I thought it was so I am blogging about it.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

In Lieu of Hubby's Yukon XL

Hubby bought this GMC Suburban last month from California because we needed a big truck to pull a utility trailer in moving to Round Mountain. And we also needed it to transport LBC Balikbayan box to Reno because the box is big and doesn't fit in  my Chevy Impala.

Hubby missed his Yukon XL which I totaled during an accident last year so he bought the same color of the Yukon. This truck is an old model but the mileage was pretty low and the price was not really bad even if we had to fly to Orange County. We bought this from Classic Cars in  Brea, California. 

I am happy to have this GMC Suburban. It reminds me of the "late" Yukon XL.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Simple But Cute Halloween Decor

Photos are taken from the State Farm Insurance Office in Winnemucca, Nevada last month.

I find this decor so appealing so I might try this next year if I can find the accessories. I know it's too late or too early to post about Halloween stuff but I just want to make sure that I have photos on file for reference.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

My Daughter's Life -To- Do- List


I was sorting her stuff yesterday when I found two pieces of paper from her pile of clippings. One of which was the above photo, her Life's to do List. She is in the Philippines right now with her younger brother for college so I just took photos in case she will look for them when she gets back.  I hope she would not mind that I am blogging about it :)  

I was very glad when I read "charity/foundation" in the list. This is what I want to do too. I am glad she loves helping people who are in need. Of what is going on in the Philippines right now, I wish my daughter had an existing charity/foundation already so that we can help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. But I am helping in my own little way now so, I am happy to be of help already. I am excited to send my box to the typhoon victims and though it should be addressed to Philippine National Red Cross, I want to put the name of the barangay or municipality should it be distributed and hoping PNRC will honor it. I haven't decided yet what barangay.  It is just one box but I'm sure it helps a lot.

Back to the list, I just hope that my daughter can be able to fulfill everything in the  list. I know some of them have been done already and one is getting to be done. As a mother, I am always here to guide her and to support her to fulfill the rest.

When Friendster was still running like Facebook, I had a blog post entitled "My Silly Dreams", it was like my Life to do list. But that blog post is gone now because I was too stupid for not saving it after getting numerous reminders from Friendster. I must make a new list, one of these days.

Do you have a Life-to- do list? Care to share?

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Thank You, LBC, the Hari Ng Padala!


Great news!

LBC is open worldwide for our donations, free of charge, as long as the box is addressed to Philippine National Red Cross! That is perfect because we don't want to send our box to untrustworthy people in the government, you know!

So, go check your closet for unused or gently used clothes, blankets, etc and check your pantry for some canned goods and head to LBC drop off center!
Let us grab this opportunity to help our Kababayans who are victims of Typhoon Yolanda!

Thank you LBC!

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