Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Cost-Shipping for Typhoon Yolanda Victims Thru LBC

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I was able to catch the last day of LBC's free shipping for Yolanda victims in Reno, NV, yesterday! Thanks God! The deadline was supposedly on the 30th of November, which is today, but the LBC Office was full already. 

I thought the addressee was the Philippine National Red Cross but I was wrong because the box was sent to LBC Office, Pasay City, Manila c/o Melissa-Ann Macarubbo instead (pls refer to the photo above). It is okay as long as the stuff in the box would reach to Yolanda's victims. After hearing/reading news about discrepancies in distributing relief goods, I kind of not that trustful anymore especially to government agencies.

Thank you LBC! Ikaw talaga ang "Hari Ng Padala". 

Thank you also to LBC Staff in Reno: Kuya Joe (in checkered shirt) and Kuya Sam (in green shirt) for helping me! Though I am a little bit disappointed for forgetting to take photos of the overwhelming number of boxes inside the LBC Office, at least I did not forget to take photo of them, hehehe!

And thanks to hubby for putting the stuff in the box. And thanks for visiting my site. You have a good one!

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