Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anne Curtis and Sam Milby on Head & Shoulders TV Ad (Thailand)

My warmest Congratulations to Ms. Anne Curtis for being one of the 20 Top Endorsers as published in Yes! Magazine!It says in the Mags that the reason why she is a top endorser because she the only endorser that can cross Market A to B and C to D. Bongga! That is so cool!

Below is her TV commercial with Sam Milby on Head and Shoulders which has been out in Thailand too.

Congratulations again Ms. gAnneda Curtis!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacuum and Carwash in US

I took these photos last month but I was too lazy to post them.

Anyway, I always decline every time hubby asks me to go with him to vacuum and wash the car. But last month, I went with him. I was amazed when we got there. What a modern way to clean a car! I supposed to say, sophisticated!

needs $.25 to start it
Hubby vacuuming (the sun is shining so bright)

Read the Instruction!

Credit Card or Coins

I'm wondering if we have this in the Philippines (might be a good business)

Clean Yukon inside out :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coach Promo: To Enjoy or Not To Enjoy?

I am a sale finder and I usually buy "on sale" items when I buy pants, shoes or bags. Last Christmas, I bought a pair of Coach Shoes (I will post it here next time.) I so loved it! Since then, I've wished to buy a Coach handbag... that is, if it is discounted.

Last May, I got a very nice card from Coach. It says that they would give me 10% off if I buy any items from them on a certain period of time. I thought about it and decided not to go for it because it was only 10% off. I wanted more than that.

Last week, I got this message from my email:

Cool, huh?
I have not decided yet  if I'm going to enjoy this offer or not but I have my choices already if ever I'd decide I would. These are my choices: ($298.00 each) Which one do you like?

I will buy a liquid cleaner for the bag which is worth $10.00 and that makes it to $300.00, for me to get $100.00 off of it.

This promo runs until July 31st only. Suggestions are welcome :)

Thank you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

One Fine Afternoon in the Backyard

It was my day off so I called my friends to come over to harvest the yummy red cherries which were hanging inside our fence. Hehehe, yup, the cherry tree is owned by my neighbor :) My father-in-law me told me that if they are hanging in the property that means they are mine! 

How cool is that? It's like Philippines!

So we harvested the cherries which we found inside... and outside my fence! We were tempted because it was like there was nobody in the neighbor's home :)  We were right. The owner is currently on vacation in Canada according to the guy who stayed there for a week only. We talked to him on our second harvest and he said it's okay to harvest the cherries. 

We were very happy! Hoooray!

Cherry Tree

Ripe Cherry!

Apple :)

Freshly-harvested Yummy Cherry

Apple Tree

Harvesting Cherry with Yuny

Emy and Yuny

Next target: Apple Tree in the backyard. Yup, we owned the tree so it's gonna be a lot of fun :) Can't wait to harvest them! Oh la la!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Claudine Barreto Covers Star Studio August 2011 Issue

I so like Ms. Claudine Barretto as an actress. Since she left Kapamilya Network, I have not seen her on TV anymore because I am a solid Kapamilya viewer. 

However, I have heard so many negative things about her after she moved to Kapuso Network which I would like to share as follows: she got involved with a rich guy whose name has been in the headlines years ago, she resorted to drugs because she was very depressed that she woke up one day knowing she was no longer a bankable star something to that effect, and that she and Raymart have parted their ways already but pretending they are still intact.  I was saddened when I heard these things.

But I am very happy to know that she's been back in the limelight lately even she had gained weight :) I heard that she currently top bills GMA's "Spooky Nights" which is much-awaited by weekend viewers. This is a very good news for me. I wish I could watch it too. I might. Online.

Anyway, I am excited to grab a copy of next month's Star Studio issue.

And before I forgot, I would like to wish her and her husband Raymart  a Happy Birthday. They both celebrated the same birth date which is July 20. Many more good life together, more success on their respective careers and good health for both of them. Happy Birthday!

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