Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coach Promo: To Enjoy or Not To Enjoy?

I am a sale finder and I usually buy "on sale" items when I buy pants, shoes or bags. Last Christmas, I bought a pair of Coach Shoes (I will post it here next time.) I so loved it! Since then, I've wished to buy a Coach handbag... that is, if it is discounted.

Last May, I got a very nice card from Coach. It says that they would give me 10% off if I buy any items from them on a certain period of time. I thought about it and decided not to go for it because it was only 10% off. I wanted more than that.

Last week, I got this message from my email:

Cool, huh?
I have not decided yet  if I'm going to enjoy this offer or not but I have my choices already if ever I'd decide I would. These are my choices: ($298.00 each) Which one do you like?

I will buy a liquid cleaner for the bag which is worth $10.00 and that makes it to $300.00, for me to get $100.00 off of it.

This promo runs until July 31st only. Suggestions are welcome :)

Thank you!

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