Monday, July 25, 2011

One Fine Afternoon in the Backyard

It was my day off so I called my friends to come over to harvest the yummy red cherries which were hanging inside our fence. Hehehe, yup, the cherry tree is owned by my neighbor :) My father-in-law me told me that if they are hanging in the property that means they are mine! 

How cool is that? It's like Philippines!

So we harvested the cherries which we found inside... and outside my fence! We were tempted because it was like there was nobody in the neighbor's home :)  We were right. The owner is currently on vacation in Canada according to the guy who stayed there for a week only. We talked to him on our second harvest and he said it's okay to harvest the cherries. 

We were very happy! Hoooray!

Cherry Tree

Ripe Cherry!

Apple :)

Freshly-harvested Yummy Cherry

Apple Tree

Harvesting Cherry with Yuny

Emy and Yuny

Next target: Apple Tree in the backyard. Yup, we owned the tree so it's gonna be a lot of fun :) Can't wait to harvest them! Oh la la!

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