Sunday, July 14, 2013

Have Had Watched Four Sisters and a Wedding

The Proof :)

My Filipina friends Rowena, Yuny, Emy and I went to Reno last Sunday to watch the movie, "Four Sisters and a Wedding". It turned out that it was only me and Emy were watching it because the two girls decided not to go with us because they are not familiar with the casts since they don't subscribe The Filipino Channel.

We were a little late because we went to Manila-Hongkong kitchenette first to eat and the other girls had their eyebrows done and Rowena had her hair done first before we dropped them off in Atlantis Hotel and Casino to try their luck. It was funny because when Emy and I got inside the movie house squeezing in ourselves, we heard from the movie saying, "dalian mo at late na tayo" something to that effect. I was like, "yeah, we are late indeed", hehehe!

Anyway, as you can see in the ticket, we paid $12.00, that's good for two already. And imagine how much gas Emy had spent just to watch the movie? Of course, it's more than the worth of the tickets, hehehe! But it was all worth it though.

The movie was hilarious but full of "senti" moments. There was a part in the movie that I laughed and at the same time teary eyed.

After watching the movie, I somehow remembered when my baby sister told us that she was going to marry her then boyfriend (now her husband), my big sister and I fought about it because my mom and her were against the wedding. I would not elaborate more but it was such a pretty bad fight.

The movie was wonderfully made. Hats off to the Director Cathy Garcia- Molina and the casts: Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao and Enchong Dee, among others. I am not a fan of Shaina but I think she played well in this movie.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Personalized License Plates

The photos above are taken last winter, hence, the snow

I was screaming mad when I learned that hubby put my "favorite" nickname in my car's license plate. One reason why I did not like it, is because it costs us more money compared to getting ordinary license plate. It doesn't cost us a fortune though but it is still money you know.

But after I have seen cars with personalized license plate in them, I somehow mellowed down. I should be happy of my husband's thoughtfulness. And there is no reason to get mad at all.

One of my Pinay friends, Ann, just bought a new car and she is planning to have her license plate named either, "PINAYAKO" or "PINAYME". I said, "I think, PINAYME is cool" :) Whatjayathink?

Anyway, another reason why I did not like my name in the plate is because I will be recognized easily, but I was thinking, as long as I do not make any violation, I will be fine. 

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