Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Personalized License Plates

The photos above are taken last winter, hence, the snow

I was screaming mad when I learned that hubby put my "favorite" nickname in my car's license plate. One reason why I did not like it, is because it costs us more money compared to getting ordinary license plate. It doesn't cost us a fortune though but it is still money you know.

But after I have seen cars with personalized license plate in them, I somehow mellowed down. I should be happy of my husband's thoughtfulness. And there is no reason to get mad at all.

One of my Pinay friends, Ann, just bought a new car and she is planning to have her license plate named either, "PINAYAKO" or "PINAYME". I said, "I think, PINAYME is cool" :) Whatjayathink?

Anyway, another reason why I did not like my name in the plate is because I will be recognized easily, but I was thinking, as long as I do not make any violation, I will be fine. 

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