Saturday, September 4, 2010

Movie: The Expendables

My daughter and I were too excited to watch this movie last night that we did not realize we came to the wrong theater, haha! We've been sitting inside for 15 minutes watching trailers of upcoming movies, waiting for the "Now Showing" to be played. When the featured movie had been played, we noticed that it's not the movie that we wanted to watch. We ran towards the door laughing and headed to the other theater which is just right next to the Popcorn Station. What a shame! I felt so stupid that time :D

Anyhow, "The Expendables" is an action movie that has some funny lines as well. The actors are "big timers". But I noticed that Sylvester Stallone is "aged" already. The signs are his wrinkled and saggy face that kind of bothering me while watching. Well, of course, everyone gets old, who does not?  But In fairness, he's still as amazing as his Rambo days! Among him, Jet Li and Jason Statham, I so like the latter. I am his avid fan. And if you are a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis, you'd get to see them in one of the scenes :D Isn't that cool?

If you want hard action with a little bit of humor, watch this movie :D

Have fun!

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