Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thank you Lord God, I am still Alive!

My poor Yukon :( I will miss you!

I had a car accident yesterday on my way to work after lunch. I lost control of the steering wheel while  running the speed limit (70 miles per hour), trying to pass a car.

As what you see in the photos, my car is badly damaged. The autoshop mechanic said it can't be fixed anymore because of structural damage. He also mentioned that one of the tires at the back was flat.

By Holy God's MERCY, I only suffered a 1/3-inch shallow cut in my right hand caused by a broken windshield. I was alert and had presence of mind. As soon as the car stopped, I turned off the engine right away, looked for my cellphone to call 911 but I realized I need to get out from the car or else I might get suffocated. I was trying to open the back door when people started pounding the car looking for survivors. I was okay, I did not tremble nor panic. I was fine, in fact, the EMS staff did not even try to convince me to get into the ambulance service.

That time, my husband was at the house sleeping, he was too tired from working night shift, he didn't even know I was at the house for lunch and I did not disturb him. I don't usually go home during lunch time but I wanted to see him since that was his first day off after working 3 nights. I called my employer about what happened, called my friend Emy to ask for a ride home after the Trooper released me, woke my husband up, told him what happened and went to town to buy groceries with him afterwards.

Consequences are now coming into my head:  no car to drive going to town and to work, increase of car insurance, among others, but I am very very thankful to the Lord God that I am still alive after the mishap. I knew HE protected me from any harm that time, otherwise, I would have been dead. The people who witnessed the accident were amazed that I was fine and in good shape after what happened. I heard that just this week, in the same area, a car hit a horse and the driver got killed. And that two weeks before, there was a pedestrian who got ran over by a truck. I'm glad that I was alone and I did not hit a car, animal or human being, thanks God. 

I have never felt luckier!

Praise God! God is good all the time!

Thanks for dropping by.

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