Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Proud Volunteer I am

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Aside from blogging, I am also into volunteering. I volunteered for Humboldt Hospice as a helper in its Frugal Flamingo store twice a week for 3 hours only. Sales and proceeds go to the hospice care. After moving in to our new home, I've been very busy putting all our stuff together so I've not been there for many weeks already. One of these days, when things get settled I would surely come back to share my time. 


I also volunteered for AVA or Advocates for Victims by Abuse as a support staff. There are many areas to help like fund raising, advocacy, community outreach, among others. I chose fund raising, community outreach and writing. Just recently I have constructed a Press Release about AVA needing male volunteers as what the coordinator suggested. We only meet once a month and trainings are held online, we call it "webinars" so this volunteering doesn't eat my time at all.


By volunteering, I've been able to extend help to my community in my own small way. And it helps me meet new friends, increases my self-worth and it brings a feeling of fulfillment.


Want to do the same? You may go check your local office, library, hospital, church, and other non-government organizations like Red Cross, etc.


Touch other people's lives, be a volunteer!


Thanks for dropping by. Have a good one!

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