Friday, November 22, 2013

In Lieu of Hubby's Yukon XL

Hubby bought this GMC Suburban last month from California because we needed a big truck to pull a utility trailer in moving to Round Mountain. And we also needed it to transport LBC Balikbayan box to Reno because the box is big and doesn't fit in  my Chevy Impala.

Hubby missed his Yukon XL which I totaled during an accident last year so he bought the same color of the Yukon. This truck is an old model but the mileage was pretty low and the price was not really bad even if we had to fly to Orange County. We bought this from Classic Cars in  Brea, California. 

I am happy to have this GMC Suburban. It reminds me of the "late" Yukon XL.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a good one!


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