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What's in Nevada?

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I have been living  in the United States for two years and 2 months now. I live in  a small town in one of the "deserted" places in Nevada State. I would like to share this post to all my readers who are living in another State and in another country as well  to give an idea about the place where my family and I've  lived in.

1. Nevada State is also known as "The Silver State." It has no State Income Tax, no Corporate Income Tax, no Estate Tax, no gift tax, no inventory tax and no personal income tax. Please don't ask me to elaborate these different kinds of taxes because I don't have answers. I honestly don't have idea on what are these taxes all about, hehehe! I meant, I am too lazy to exert effort to search them on the net.

2. Gambling and Prostitution ( in form of regulated brothels) are both legal here (except in Clark and Washoe county). There are seven Casinos in the town where I lived, not to mention some grocery stores and gasoline stations that have slot machines. You have to be 21 years old to play in the casino.The casino staff will ask for your ID if they doubted your age to make sure you are in the legal age to gamble.

Brothels on the other hand, are of course existing even in this small town  as advertised in the road ways but I don't know how many of them.

3. It is a mountainous  state and Mining (Gold, Silver and other Minerals) is the major source of income.There are more or less 10 mining companies in my town and its neighboring towns. Hubby  works in the mine and hubbies of my Filipina friends also work in one of the mines here.

4. Aside from miners, there are also hunters and cowboys. Hunting is a popular activity here  but it is regulated by the government. You have to have a license to hunt and you have to hunt during hunting season only.

There are ranchers so basically, there are also cowboys. I bet you've seen them in good old western movies, yes, and they are real here, exactly the same looks. Rodeo and other cowboy competition is famous here but I haven't witnessed one since I got here.

The first time I visited the Chamber of Commerce Office here, I was stunned to see quite a few numbers of huge mounted wild animals displayed inside which are donated by hunters and the old saddles, old pair of boots, hats, etc, which are donated by ranchers and cowboys.

5. There are Potato farms and a Potato factory here.

6.  There is no age requirements in job ads here.You can get a job even if you are already in your 50's and 60's as long as you are able. You can get hired as haul truck driver, water truck driver , heavy equipment operator even if you are an old woman as long as you can make it. Isn't that nice? No age and gender discrimination. I wish Philippines were the same.

7. Bank transactions are fast and easy. You can update your account thru phone and of course Internet,  if you want to deposit or pay your bills, you just drive-thru and voila! you are done in 5 minutes!

8. We have festivities like Hot August Nights in Reno and 50's Fever here in Winnemucca wherein the latter will be held every Aug. 1-3. Runnamucca is also famous here. They are the  Big Bikers from all over the country gathered and have fun for 2 days.

9. We have different kinds of racing like drag racing, stock car racing, mule racing, among others.  We also have Rodeo competition in different levels as I have mentioned earlier, also craft fair, Basque Festival, etc.

10.The serving size of the foods here is really big  and it is very hard for me and for my kids to eat that much. (I think, this is one of the reasons why many Americans are fat including hubby, hehe!)

11. Everyone buys in bulk. No sachet or small size packaging. I guess, the same is true with other States.

12. There are more older people walking every morning  with their dogs as their form of exercise than younger ones. I have been walking for more than 2 weeks already and I saw young lady only once.

13. Don't be scared when the other person next to you is carrying an oxygen tank (small thin tank ) with small tube on his/her nose trying to breath while browsing the books in the library or while shopping,  or while gambling, etc. When I first saw one, I was  terrifed but hubby said it's a normal sight here. I just saw one in the Post Office this morning.

14. People working in the museums and charitable institutions are volunteers only and mostly they are very old people.

15. There are a lot of Mexican or Hispanic people here and I have a very good friend named Josefina who is an excellent cook. I just love her  Beef Tostadas. Sometimes if not all the time,  people would think I am a Mexican. I dont know why. I am always proud to tell them that I am Filipina, in thought, in words and in deed!  Bwehehehe!

16. More post about this topic later. I  still have so many things to share about this State.

17. Oh, I almost forgot, in big cities like Las Vegas and Reno, weddings can be arranged real fast and it can be done in a "drive-thru" wedding chapels. Ayayay!

Too bad divorce can be processed  real fast too.

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(Thanks also to google for some photos I posted here.)

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