Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Casino

is a public place for gambling and other sort of entertainment. Basically, its purpose is for fun and entertainment only but  for other people, it is the place wherein they can take home a lot of money should they win. There are numerous kinds of games that you can choose to play for you to bet either minimum or maximum amount.

This has been my first time to write about my observation inside the Casino floor while working at the Front desk. Every night I witness a lot of people losing their money in the slot machines (we don't have table games though we used to have it). Sometimes I'll just pretend that I haven't notice anything when they pass by at the desk with a gloomy face. I feel sad seeing them leaving the casino without nothing except their Credit Cards with outrageous charges.

Well, there are also people that are leaving with huge money with them but they would come back the next day and then lose the money again.

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