Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hair Loss!

It's been bothering me lately.

I've noticed too many strands of hair fell every time I comb my hair. Pardon me, I know it looks gross, but yes, that's my hair in the photo. I get more if my hair is wet though I use wide tooth comb. Pretty alarming huh?

This really scared me. My hair is thin and I don't want to be bald, gees, I can't imagine myself.

I just done researching  the reasons of falling hair and  its possible natural treatment as well. These are what I have got:

Hair loss is typically normal.

Everyone loses between 40 and 120 strands a day, depending on how much hair you have, your age and your hair's growth cycle. People with fine hair tend to have more of it and therefore will lose more of it than their thicker-haired sisters and brothers. Your hair also thins as you get older, particularly after menopause for women. But unlike aging men, the thinning tends to stop after awhile.

Here are common causes of thinning and hair loss:

1. Seasonality. You'll lose the most hair in the fall -- typically November and December when hair reaches maturity in its growth cycle.

2. Diet. Hair loss can occur through poor dieting. According to dermatologist George Cotsarelis, M.D., director of the University of Pennsylvania Hair and Scalp Clinic, iron deficiency may be the cause. He states in the April 2006 issue of "Ladies Home Journal," it might be worth checking your levels with your doctor and take a supplement if they're low.

3. Aging. As we get older, follicles shrink, producing skinnier, shorter strands; then the follicles start to die off. That rate and the extent of that process is a matter of genetics.

4. Pregnancy. Some women experience hair loss with pregnancy or as part of post-pregnancy hormonal changes. Other women experience hair loss when going on or off (usually off) the birth control pill.

5. Illness or intense stress. Sometimes hair loss occurs as a result of illness. Stress, excessive weight loss, iron deficiency and thyroid problems can also cause hair loss.

Natural treatment for hair loss:

Lime juice can be applied to the scalp and allowed to dry for some time before taking a head bath. This will arrest fling hair by keeping the scalp clean and healthy.

Using Castor oil as hair oil regularly will also help in preventing hair from falling.

Applying coconut milk all over the scalp is also another effective solution for falling hair.

Mix equal amount of warm Castor and almond oil and massage over scalp at least once a week

Daily application of coconut oil mixed with lime juice on the hair is also beneficial.

Aha! I'm having two things in mind now that probably caused my dilemma. I think it's number 2 and number 3!

I would try the lime juice first, err.. no, I will cook "ginataang monggo" today, so I might try the coconut milk instead. The problem is, there is no available fresh coconut milk  here.. Hmm, I would  try the canned one. Or maybe I would try the lime juice first since we can get it fresh here. Maybe Castor oil!  Whatever.

Have you had the same problem before? How did you treat it? Is there any treatment you can share to me? I would appreciate it very much.

Happy Wednesday USA, happy Thursday Philippines!

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