Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fresh Flowers from a Neighbor

I was checking my latest post using hubby's computer in the living room when the door bell rang. I ran to my room to hide because I was wearing my sleepwear and I looked horrible. Hubby opened the door and  I heard a voice of a woman said, "Hi! How are you guys?" It was Marlene's voice, the wife of hubby's long time friend who lived across the street.

Hubby convinced me to come out to say hello back but I declined. I was kinda grumpy already because he was insisting and it irritated me. Hubby said she brought flowers for us that she picked up from her garden. I  thought how thoughtful she was. But I was too hard to move.

I did not come out from my room until she left.  When I saw the flowers, I was touched! They  were freshly picked and truly beautiful! Hubby said Marlene brought them with the vase already. She is such a sweet lady!

Now I am having guilt feelings. I realized how crappy  I was for not coming out to talk to her. I know for sure that she won't  be staying long since she knew that I work night shift and I have to sleep very soon.

I grabbed my camera, took a  photo of the flowers and started typing this post. This is dedicated to her. Thanks for the flowers Marlene!

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