Saturday, June 19, 2010

Name Game

I am feeling exhausted while scribbling.. err.. typing this post. It's my Monday and the hotel is perfect-filled. We have  two sister hotels and both were also sold out. Summer is coming very soon. It  technically starts in two days. And it means super busy. Super busy for  paper works  and super busy  for early check-outs in the morning. (The hotel business is dead during winter time.)

In busy nights, I am more careful in doing my bucket check to make sure that  the name of the guests and its corresponding room number in the registration paper should be identical to the folio number in the Credit Card receipt. It's kind of boring, really. But it makes me smile and sometimes makes me laugh while doing it when I translate the guest's last name to Tagalog, (not to mention the spelling.) I like these last names: Sweet, Ham, Bacon, Money, Bright, Countryman, Creamer, Heart, King,  Ball,  Power, Young, Love, Brown, White, Black, Gray, Green and many others. I find these last names weird: Breedlove, Growcock, Licking, Oldfather, Stress, Hornbaker, Pendygraft, Sailorchartier, Touchstone, to name a few :)

Among our regular guests, Mr. Jerry Rich  is my "favorite" because he is unforgettable. Unforgettable in the sense that he carries the name of my past and present husband. My estranged hubby's name was Jerry and my current hubby's name is Rich, kind of bizarre, huh?

Oh, by the way, I just checked-in Mr. Ro***d Manyheads, a Canadian. "Manyheads", what a last name!

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