Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Hate Snow!

When I was still back home, I wished to see and feel snow. I guess, everyone wishes the same though.

The first time it snowed here, I was like a child playing in the snow. I thought everything was bright and pretty. It was such an amazing experience for me.

But lately I have disliked it. A lot!

You may want to know why. Well, for a lot of reasons. But in fairness to the Mother Nature, the beauty of the snow which amazed me pretty well the first time was always there. But the feelings I had before is kind of different now. I hate to say this but I really don’t want snow anymore.

Snow could freeze me to death. As in. I need to have thick and warm clothes on or else I would freeze. It is very uncomfortable for me to wear thick clothes since they are heavy, yikes.

It could freeze the water pipes, hence, you would get no water. Could you imagine that? No water at all!

Besides, snow makes the road slick. You have to drive carefully and defensively to avoid mishap. The brakes would not do well and so the steering wheel. And when you walk you should be very careful so that you wouldn’t get a fall or else you will be sorry for yourself.

Here’s another reason, the bill for electricity would increase triple because of the heater, gosh!

Based on the aforementioned reasons above, do you think you would still wish to see and feel snow?

Take it from me, you would surely scream like this, “Iiiiiiiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaate this plaaaace! And I am certain that you would wish to come back home and stay for good, hehehe!

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