Monday, March 8, 2010


When I was still in the Philippines, a friend gave me a book entitled "The Bridges of Madison County". It was authored by Robert James Waller. A film was also made which was directed and starred by no less than Clint Eastwood with Meryl Streep. The story was about Robert Kincaid, a world class photographer, and Francesca Jhonson, an Iowa farm wife.

It was a love story that I can't forget because I cried a river when I read it and I cried a river when someone I loved that time (ahem!) stole it and burned it together with my other books for the reason that he didn't like them.

I've been looking for the same book since then and luckily, after 9 years, I've found one in one of the thrift stores in Reno! Finally!

Now, I am planning to buy the film pretty soon.

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