Monday, March 8, 2010

Rain is coming!

Does this view look familiar? I had one photo of the same view taken when it snowed last week. This is what it looks like without snow. This time, we see the dark clouds that smothered the sky.

It's going to rain! Yeheey! Well, as I am writing this, rain drops starting to fall outside already.

I wish this picture were taken in the Philippines. My country needs rain, a lot of rain, to combat el nino.

Sad news has been reported of the effects of  el nino phenomenon in the Philippines. Animals and crops were already damaged and killed. Water dams and reservoirs are almost depleting. People are seeking for government help and support especially farmers and livestock raisers. Power supply has been limited and consistent rotating brown-outs has been scheduled all throughout the country.

I am very sad on what has been happening to my country now. I am worried of my loved ones back there. I hope they are all safe and sound amidst drought.

"Rain, rain, go away, go to the Philippines to send el nino away!"

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