Friday, March 5, 2010

Farming via Farmville

I admit I am one of those millions of people who are addicted to farming in Farmville.

Among those bunches of applications or games to choose to, I chose Farmtown and Farmville. My sister Ivy told me that if I am familiar and good at them already, I can try the Restaurant City. This saying "You cannot serve two masters at the same time" proven to be true. I just can't give enough time for both of them so I discontinued playing Farmtown and concentrated with Farmville.

Anyhow, hubby calls it "illusion farming" and I call it "virtual farming" :) I bet all farmers wished it were true! Personally, I can say that it really plays a part of my daily undertakings. It keeps me awake during times that I hardly open my eyes from a deep sleep but I should have to be up to prepare myself for work. It makes me happy and excited every time I harvest my plants. Until now, I still get amazed how the plants grow and look exactly like the real ones, same with animals.. It teaches me to share. It also challenges me.  And it feels good while looking at the whole farm. It somehow gives me this feeling of pride and fulfillment. Silly me, haha, whatever!

But one thing for sure, it is better to be addicted to this thing than addicted to drugs.

Hey neighbors, do you agree or disagree?

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