Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Other Eyes

They are cheap glasses but I so love wearing them. My initial plan was to use them when I am only driving but the first time I had them on, they perfectly changed my vision! I can see very clearly now. And hubby joked that I look like an old Librarian, whatever :) Librarians deal with books, that's fine with me, I love books anyway.

I had eyeglasses when I arrived here from the Philippines but my vision was not that good as what I am having now. I also had eyeglasses when I was a grade schooler but I can't remember how was my vision back then.

I feel I have been deprived of this perfect vision for almost 40 years, gosh! However, only one of my eyes is having a perfect vision now. My other eye is... never mind!

But I am happy with them though :)

Thank you to my eye doctor, Dr. Fanny Chan.

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