Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Job Award

The first time I entered the hotel to submit my application, the first thing that caught my eyes were the plaques that nicely hanged in the wall of the lobby. It says, "Employee of the Month" with its corresponding year. I thought it was pretty cool. Well, never in my wildest dream that I could get hired and that my name would be included in the list. Whoa!

After a 10-day vacation, I kind of missed my work but I thought I needed one more extra day off because I caught by a flu. But I thought no, I had to go back to work. I remember when I went to the Philippines last year, I got flu so I called in sick and I don't want it to be a precedent. It is a bad practice. Should I do it again this time; my boss wont trust me anymore on my future vacation.

So having a heavy headache, runny nose and teary eyes, I went to work. As soon as I was buzzed-in the front desk, my co-worker Stephanie greeted me and handed me a Plaque and an envelope. I asked, "What are these for?" She replied, "Those are for you. You are an Employee of the Month." I said, "Oh I see, thank you." I bet Steph had observed that I was not happy. I was just feeling sick that time.

When I was already alone and after I have done my initial routinary work in the mean time, I opened the kind of styro that covers and protects the Plaque to check what it looks like. When I look at it, my reaction was, "OMG!" I was so happy to see my name written neatly in it! When I opened the envelope, my reaction was "OMG again!" Whoa! Enclosed was a check and a Restaurant gift certificate! Pretty cool huh?

My husband and my teeners said they are very proud of me.

Thanks to all my big bosses and most of all, thanks to you Dear Lord!

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