Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weird Encounter: Ferret

I was attending a late check-in guest when two of the Hotel's regular guests dropped by to inform me that there is a little animal following them in the parking area. I remember they said, "It is a pet." I thanked them and told them that I will inform the Manager on Duty as soon as I am done. But I totally forgot about it.

Three hours later, I got a call from a lady. She said she was in the hotel's restaurant for dinner earlier and she was suspecting that her pet jumped up from the car while she was looking for her car keys inside the car before they headed to Idaho State. She said she was already 75 miles away already when she discovered that her pet is not in the car. I sensed the way she talked that she was crying at the same time. I remember about what the guys told me so I asked her if it is a little animal. She said, "Yes, he is very little." So I told her about what the guys had told me and that I will request the MOD to look around the parking area and the other two neighboring sister hotels and to call me back after 10-15 minutes. She called four times and the last time she said they are heading back to the hotel. When the MOD came back, he found nothing.

After more than an hour, the lady and her companion arrived at the desk. I told her the bad news. She became hysterical. She said, "He is spoiled, he is my baby, I always put him under my shirt while cleaning the house just to keep him. His color is white but he has a black mask. He is more or less 1-foot long. His name is Buster and he knew his name. He is more than a family member. He got lost in Salt lake City but I was able to find him. Is there a possibility to call for a help?" and I said, "sure!" I gave her the number of the Police dispatch to inquire if somebody turned-over it to the Police. She called the Sheriff Department too. But to no avail. She was sobbing already after she hung up the phone. Her companion searched every corner of the parking area and the neighboring hotels but still to no avail. She gave me her name, phone numbers and address to contact her in case I hear about her pet. They were about to leave when we noticed that it snowed outside. She sobbed more, thinking about her pet. She said her pet hates cold. She asked if she could go to the kitchen of the restaurant to check if he was there. She added that he loves to play with grocery bags, etc. But we said, there is no way that her pet could go there. Finally, they left and I felt relieved, whew!

While listening to her earlier, I was thinking it was a dog, maybe, a Chihuahua based on her description. But at first I thought it was parrot, hehe! But the Cashier said it is ferret. I didn't have an idea so I "googled" it and the picture above explained it to me. My reaction was, "It is a rat!" Hehe! One of my co-worker exclaimed, "It's ugly and dirty kind of animal! Yuck!"

How come the lady said, he was her baby and more like a family member? And that he is spoiled?! I can't  imagine what she went through just to find it when that ferret got lost in the State of Utah. That little thing must be very lucky huh?

But I kept her number though. I will check the next issue of the local paper and look for ferret under the Lost and Found section of the paper. Or I might call the local Animal Shelter here.

Good luck to that lady :)

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