Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hansen Resort in Lake Tahoe: My Experience and My Review

My teenagers wanted to try snow skiing in Lake Tahoe but it is kind of  a technical  activity so they resorted to sledding/tubing instead. We found a site online that provides tubes and that allows tubing all day long for free if you stay in the resort  but with a minimum stay of two nights. Tubing is just like sledding so hubby thought it's a nice idea to stay there.

The resort has cabins of various sizes. We chose Cabin 2 which is good for four people. It has a wood paneling. It has one bedroom with a regular size of bed which has kind of  quaint throw pillows and  comforter on it. It has one couch bed that needs attention because a wheel came out of it slot (hubby and my son fixed it) but the pillows, blanket and comforter are not that bad though. It has one bathroom which is neat and clean. The sink and the toilet are both new and so are the towels which are neatly arranged.  It has a fireplace but there was no log to be used so we didn't know if it works or not. It also has a small kitchen which we didn't use. It has a small TV with limited channels. The floor squeaked when hubby walks but we only laughed it off. We paid $120.00 each night for a total of $240.00 plus tax for two nights.

The tubing experience was unforgettable! There was not much snow so we didn't buy snow boots  for tubing. My teenagers and I had so much fun trying different ways to tube.  At first I thought I was going to crash but it was  just all from my silly mind. I stuck in the middle of the tubing run twice because my scarf touched to  the ground or snow which is not advisable but it was not scary at all. But going back up to the top was very exhausting so hubby thought to pick us up down the hill and give us ride from there back to the top. People thought we were smart for doing that!

All set and ready!

next in line =)

my son

my daughter

myself and my son

myself in a risky position while tubing

my daughter and I posing down at the bottom of the tubing run

my son and I having fun


down the hill

I'm not ready yet so I let this little girl to go ahead

The Cameraman =)

Lazy tubers =)

I recommend this place for tubing. I've already given you the pros and cons about the cabin so it's up to you if you choose to stay here or not. Hubby likes it here though because it is secluded and quiet. All in all, our stay was okay.

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