Thursday, January 27, 2011

Car Trouble in South Lake Tahoe

We were about to leave Hansen Resort a day earlier when hubby found out that the engine is leaking and gas is all over the ground when he started the car to warm it up while we were still inside the cabin preparing to leave. Sigh.

A cop who happened to be in the vicinity  pulling-over a driver called a towing service for hubby to tow the car going to an auto shop. The name of the towing company is Welcome's Towing. We were charged $100.00 for the towing. The owner of the resort recommended Christensen Automative so the car was sent there. The mechanic estimated a $200.00 charges and said it would take 3.5 hours to fix it. We roamed around town while waiting. We walked from the resort going to the Red Hut for breakfast which was recommended by Mr. Guillian, the resort owner. 

This has been my teener's second time in Lake Tahoe and it's been my third time but we wanted to see more of this beautiful place so we grabbed the chance. Lake Tahoe is one of the beautiful places in the world.

Check these photos we took:

This part of the street belongs to Nevada State, next to the traffic light belongs to California

After two hours, the mechanic called for a bad news which caused us a BIG  SHOCK. He said that the car can't be fixed until Friday because he has to order the defective parts and that it would cost us more or less $800.00. Holy cow! No kidding! I felt like we were being robbed that very moment. Sigh!

We returned to Hansen Resort via Yellow cab and decided to stay for the night. Hubby called his boss that he can't work on Friday, called to reserve a different hotel for two more  nights and called Domino's Pizza for delivery (per advertisement from the phone book but  it's not actually Domino's when the pizza was delivered, so beware!)

As I am writing this post,  hubby, my teeners and I are enjoying our stay at Best Western Timber Cove, still in South Lake Tahoe, California.

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