Thursday, January 27, 2011

January is Stalking National Awareness Month

January is almost over but it is never too late to post this blog. 

January is Stalking Awareness Month.

According to Oregon  Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence:

"Young women 18-24 are at the greatest risk of being stalked. Despite its prevalence, stalking is little understood by many people, who may think only celebrities are stalked or that stalking isn't harmful. On the contrary, stalking is a dangerous crime that takes a profound toll on its victims, who are often afraid for their safety and try repeatedly to escape their stalkers. Stalking can happen to anyone and most victims know their stalkers. 

Recognizing this serious crime, President Obama became the first President to proclaim January as National Stalking Awareness Month."

What to do when someone is stalking: 
Think about your safety first and foremost. Go to a safe place, call your parents or family and the Police right away. 

If you know the stalker (usually he or she is a former boyfriend/girlfriend, a fan or a turned-down suitor), tell him/her to stop right there and then. 

Lastly, be knowledgeable. Read books or search it online everything about stalkers and stalking to get more information.

As parents and concerned citizens, let us spread this campaign against stalking.

According to,

"It's not a JOKE. It's not ROMANTIC. It's not OK."

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