Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

"Thanksgiving: a time where pilgrims gave my people diseases.. killed them off and stole their food", says my Native American former co-worker, Traci Gelskey via Facebook. Hubby said something to that effect too when I asked him about Thankgsiving celebration three years ago.

Yup, it's my third Thanksgiving here in US and it is only this year that I exerted effort in cooking Turkey which I got free from my employer. Roasted turkey is the main dish prepared during Thanksgiving Day.

There are too many Turkey recipes online but I chose to cook mine with Filipino touch. Aside from putting butter, salt and pepper inside and out, I put onion, lemonsito from the Philippines given to me by Emy who just got back from her vacation there, and "Tanglad" (which I bought from Manila-Hongkong Store in Reno), inside the cavity of the turkey. I remember during my son's baptism when he was still a baby, we had "Litsong Pabo or Turkey"  roasted outside in an "open fire" and it tasted really good!

I haven't tried my turkey yet since it was done. Looking at it makes me already full. Hubby said it was perfect and he requested a turkey sandwich for his lunch or "baon" today.

Aside from roasted turkey, my daughter made her favorite "puto cheese" and it was really yummy! I also baked hubby's fave Fudge Brownie.

This is how we celebrated our Thanksgiving. No stuffing. No sweet potatoes. No pumpkin pie.

It was a Thanksgiving celebration ala Pinoy =D


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