Monday, November 22, 2010

New Tourism Slogan: Pilipinas Kay Ganda!

There have been a widespread criticism of this logo since the Department of Tourism unveiled it as Philippines’ new Tourism slogan that describes the country's beauty and hospitality. Critics said it sounds so “baduy” and it is unintelligible although there is a translation.  This new tourism slogan's website has been taken down because they later found out that the keywords "beautiful pilipinas" link to a porn site. Ayayay! In addition, Polish Tourism claimed that its design has been “copied” from their site, something to that effect.

At first I took it as being patriotic for using our very own language, "Tagalog" but I've realized it is about tourism so the message should draw attention from tourists. The number one reason why we promote our tourism is to attract foreigners to come and visit our beautiful country. Critics are right. This new slogan “Pilipinas kay Ganda” doesn’t sound “sellable” to foreigners and I agree, it sounds “baduy”. It must have been taken from ABS-CBN’s morning show, "Umagang Kay Ganda" =D I am just kidding.

If we could not come up a better slogan to replace our old, "WOW Philippines", why should we change it? Just because we have new administration doesn't mean we have to change everything.

Hey, people of the DOT, can we just stick to our old slogan? "WOW Philippines" is way better than "Pilipinas Kay Ganda", duh! 

Whatjayathink readers?

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