Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn Has Come!

Leaves have started turning green-ish to orange-ish here in Nevada

Autumn or Fall 2010 has officially started on September 23rd and it was the brightest autumnal equinox since 1991. Afterwards, the day becomes shorter. I sooo love this season for so many reasons :D

Firstly, after a hot summer, weather is cooling off.

Secondly, it's a harvest season :D I don't have a garden but I always get fresh veggies from my friends. I just got bunches of veggies and different kinds of herbs from my stepson's wife April (from her Mom's garden) and tomatoes from Ms. Wenda, my co-worker. She called her tomatoes "maters' and I started calling them the same :D I remember last year, the cab driver gave me bunches of tomatoes and zucchinis which I also gave them away because I had too much of them.

Thirdly, I get crazy with the Halloween decorations in the stores and in the frontyards of the neighborhood. Yesterday, my neighbors from across my house had their decorations already! I will post photos one of these days :)  I am looking forward to seeing children  (some adults as well) in their outfits knocking on our door for "Trick or Treats"!

Lastly, I love the color of the entire sorroundings! The trees are beautiful and the leaves in the trees and in the grounds are too colorful! It's really a big "Wow!" for me :)

But I have one thing that I don't like when Fall or Autumn comes: It surely means that coming up next is WINTER, brrrr!

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