Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Returns of the Day!

 Happy Birthday to me :D

Last September 17, I celebrated my 38th year of my existence in this crazy world. My daughter Jen bought Chocolate cake for me :) I can't wait to turn forty in the next two years (God willing) because it has been said that "Life begins at 40", lol!

Since it is Football season already, hubby bought me an NFL Jersey to wear at work during football game nights. Washington Redskins is his favorite team. He chose Jason Campbell's number because it represents my birth date, so cool!

Hubby's gift :)

As a gift for myself, I got a new pair of Guess eyeglasses :D I really needed them because my prescriptions have been changed lately.

I only have one birthday wish: good health for my entire family especially for mom and hubby.  "Health is Wealth", you know :) Actually, I had two birthday wishes but the other one have been granted already. Thank you Lord GOD for answering my prayer.  I am so overjoyed  for making it happen.Now I can feed my soul every Sunday.

The Power of Prayer

To all birthday celebrators this month especially to my son Jerry (Sept. 6), my sister Ivy (Sept. 30), my nephew Rio David (Sept. 19), my nieces Rio Jane and Emiko (Sept. 12 and Sept. 19) and to my Auntie Nic2x (Sept. 12),  many Happy Returns of the Day to all of us!


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