Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga: Truly Gaga :D

I am not a fan of this self-promoter singer but I can't help but comment on her meaty dress that she wore during the 2010 Video Music Awards last Sunday night. It was kind of shocking to me! At first I thought it was not a real meat but when I look at the photos closely, it looked to me that it's a real beef (minus flies :D) And she confirmed it in one of her interviews. Lady Gaga is such a "gaga" :D

What a meat!

Now I am wondering if those beef  are salted and peppered, lol! Speaking of salt and pepper, while looking more closely at the photos, I am thinking of what I can do with those  beef. Maybe...

* I can make a Pinoy Bistek out of her hair piece.
* I can  make Beef Sinigang out of her shoes (hope there's no bad smell).
* I can make tons (yes, tons) of Beef Jerky out of her dress.

And afterwards, I will serve the foods to her, lol!

Seriously, I find Lady Gaga "weird". And I find her dress "gross".


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