Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Motorcade/Parade 2010

In the Philippines, when we say Labor Day, first thing that would come up in our mind is the labor force of different companies having protests or demonstrations for wage increase or oil price rollback, etc.

It's different in the United States especially in Winnemucca. They have carnivals and they hold many different activities such as craft fair (Congratulations to my friends Nathalie and Yony for bagging the Fair Favorite and Best of Show awards respectively, they were one of the exhibitors [Cross stitch]) , rodeo, motorcade/parade around town, etc. This year, I have witnessed or shall I say, I have joined the parade which was participated-in with different organizations, both public and private.

I enjoyed taking pics before the parade started. I only have some. I didn't go that far.

Check these photos out :


 A Political Group

 This group is representing Winnemucca's mountain and its beautiful places

Young cheerleaders

Young cowgirls

A Political group

The garbage lady of "Yes to No Garbage Dump" group

 A Political group

Self-explanatory :D


A cowgirl in her pretty dress

A cowgirl in her beautiful dress or (gown?)

Another cowboy with his brown horse

Another cowboy with his  black horse

"The Band"

Another cowboy with his white-ish horse

Yony, myself and Emy

Winnemucca is one of the cowboy "countries" that's why too many cowboys joined. Also, there is an election coming up in November that's why politician joined too. Some participants including us threw some candies to the spectators. Children had so much fun catching them or picking them up.

It was really fun and it was a new experience for me.

Thank you for taking time to view the photos.


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