Monday, September 13, 2010

For a Good Cause :D

Labor Day Motorcade/Parade. I was not just an spectator of the event, I was a participant. Hubby, our grandkids Misty and Erica, our daughter Jen and our Filipina friends Emy and Yony were there too. I almost forgot, hubby's very good friend, Randy and his daughter Jaka also participated. We did it  for a good cause. And also, we did it to support  hubby's good friends Tom and Marlene.

It was my first time to join such event here in the United States and it was fun :D The parade was composed of various groups. I joined with a political group that opposes garbage thingy.  A company in California is proposing a landfill in Winnemucca and we are trying to stop it.

Gorgeous! Aren't we?
The Garbage lady :D
Pinays on the go!

Vote Yes for No to Garbage Dump!
A co-worker who saw me pushing garbage cans (with wheels) told me that she can't believed that I did it. I said, "because no Americans wanted to do it,  lol!" It was true, there were only three of us who volunteered to do it and the three of us are all Filipinos. Jen, Misty and Erica were water girls :D They gave away bottled water to the spectators. Good girls!

My heartfelt thanks to Emy and Yony for being there (I invited them :D) It was very tiring but it was fun. The fun part was that, their respective husbands did not know about what they were  doing that day, hehe!

Thank you Emy and Yony, you two are awesome!

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