Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dogs: A Man's Best Friend No More...

... But a Family Member.

A doggie in a stroller :) 
I work in a pet-friendly hotel so I get to see different breeds of dogs too often, in fact, I just checked-in a guest who has a huge dog with him which he calls "Partner". My co-worker Ms. Debbie calls her four dogs "Babies" which sleep with her. Another co-worker Ms. Veronica calls her dogs "Grandkids". Ms. Jeanette, another co-worker, calls her dog "Zoey" which according to her, snores with her :D And so on and so forth.

As a member of the family, they have to be provided with everything which a family member deserves to get. They have to be brought to the doctor for vaccination, to the spa to trim their hair and paws and they have to be fed with dog foods which are outrageously expensive. Some dogs are pretty spoiled that they have bed couch, a blanket to keep them warm and they share the same bed with their owner. And so on and so forth.

Just recently, Ms. Jeanette told me that Zoey has been diagnosed having "Breast Cancer" and that her little darling has to undergo surgery which is scheduled this week. I heard she is hoping to get an extra day off because she can not leave Zoey alone after the surgery. Oh, poor poor thing :(

At first I didn't know how to react about pet dogs as a member of the family because I thought it was ridiculous but I have witnessed how dogs are loved unconditionally by their owners. When I told my co-workers that some Filipinos (I'm not one of them :D) eat dog meats, their comment was, "Oh, they are so mean!"

Arf! Arf! Arf!

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