Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Highway 50: The Loneliest Road in America

We just got home from a long trip. Hubby and I are enjoying our days off together with our teenagers at a friends' house (Adan and Josefina) in Round Mountain, NV. We took some photos on our way home.

We've been passing this road many times especially on our trips to Las Vegas but it's only today that we got interested to take photos on this particular road. When hubby told me about  it being called "The Loneliest Road in America", I was not surprised. Although I don't have an idea on what was the basis for naming it so but based on my observation, maybe because there are only very few numbers of vehicles taking or passing this road.

I remember during one of our trips to Las Vegas, my daughter Jen and I peed along the road while we covered ourselves with a shawl, lol! Americans don't do that :D Well, we were safe because there was no car coming in sight from both sides.

So there you go, Highway 50: The Loneliest Road in America.

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