Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the Middle of Nowhere

My family loves to go on a joyride around town and its neighboring places. 

Last weekend we drove north of town to check a "ghost town" (Nevada is the Ghost town Capital in US). We drove through mountains and valleys that surrounded with bushes until we came to pass by a desert -looking vast land. We stopped and took some photos. My kids and I were amazed to see this place which is covered with sort of a white sand but according to hubby, it was a "calcium-lime rocks", something like that. And he added that this place was a bottom of a lake bed long time ago.

It was still early in the morning but since there was no trees in that particular area, the place was way too hot for us,whew!

We continued driving but we never stumbled upon a "ghost town" except a junk yard with  few numbers of very old and rusty junk cars, lol! But honestly, I've started to imagine scary things like what we saw on horror movies while hubby was trying to look for a trace of a ghost town, waah!

We decided to leave the place with a little bit of disappointment but we had fun though. Hubby promised us to find a real ghost town for us to check on his next days off. Yay!!!

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