Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brothel Billboard

My family went out for a joy ride to the mountainous and deserted part of Humboldt County early in the morning last Friday. On our way home, we took the other way which eventually connected us to Interstate-80 East. When I saw this Billboard along the highway, I thought this could be an interesting post so I screamed to stop the car. Hubby took a U turn :)

I have mentioned in my "What's in Nevada?" post that Prostitution (in form of regulated Brothels) is legal in Nevada except Clark and Washoe County and that Billboard ads can be seen along the highways. One of my followers Ms. "J" suggested to post some pics. I did but those pics were blurry. Now, I am posting very clear photos.

Credit to hubby for stopping the car and also to my daughter for uploading the photos.

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