Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is Absurd!

It's been a slow and boring night. As usual, I was sitting at the desk waiting for 2:00 o'clock in the morning to do my next paper work. David, the Manager on Duty, approached and showed me his late father's memorial "program". He pointed the portion "HE WILL BE MISSED BY" followed by the name of the people who would miss his dad. He was kind of upset because the name that appeared next to his mom's name was his sister's. He believed that his name should be written first in the sense that he is the eldest. I agreed with him. He mentioned that his sister has no children and neither does he and his wife. The names appeared as grandchildren, according to him, it was the neighbor's grandchildren. Yup, the neighbor's grandchildren! And here's more... It says there "GRAND DOGS, KYLE and KODY". Wait a minute, I asked "grand dogs?! As in the animal dogs"? Mr. David simply answered, "Yes, dogs... the animals". My goodness! I laughed out loud.

Grand dogs?! Then, I remember the "kalderetang dogs" back home...

Hahaha, whatever!

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