Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My most missed fruit: Avocado

I didn't say that I miss this fruit because it is unavailable here in US, nope, there are avocados here but I miss the avocado that we have back home. Why? I have many reasons. The avocados here are very small, expensive and it's meat is not kind of "labo" or "sticky". And they are used for guacamole sauce, Mexican people love it. Americans eat them with salt and pepper or with cottage cheese,or with picadillo, which I find it very yucky.

When I told hubby to buy condensed milk for my avocado, he was kinda shocked. "What?! sweetened milk for avocado?" I guessed he thought it was yucky too, hehe! The more he was shocked when I told him that avocado shake is popular in the Philippines and it is very yummy. And avocados there are very affordable and the size is 3 or 4 times bigger compared to the size of avocados here.

He said, "Avocado shake? No way!" And I said, "Avocado with cottage cheese? No way!"

We both love avocados! It's also my late dad's favorite fruit.

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