Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is US Election Day

This is my first time to write a blog about politics and to write about my personal political views.

I am a politico myself. It runs in my blood. I was appointed as barangay official and served for 4 years back home and my late dad was a former Barangay Captain and was elected ABC President that automatically made him a member of the Legislative Body in the municipal government.

Today is a historic day of the U.S. They will elect for a new President and for Vice-President. They also elect people for other offices like Senators, Members of Congress and many others.

There are two political parties rival here: The Republican Party: John McCain/Sarah Palin and the Democratic Party: Barack Obama/Joe Biden. When I got here in U.S., it was the time when the Democrats are still choosing between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to represent the party. I was confused that time since I came from a different system of the government but hubby patiently explained it to me and by watching news on TV all the time, I was able to at least, understand its nitty-gritty. I witnessed the presidential nomination of Barack Obama. The Republicans, on the other hand, already nominated John McCain, when I got here.

I only have simple description on Republicans and Democrats. In my point of view, Republicans believed that less government, less government control. Democrats however, believed the “from the people, by the people, for the people” kind of government system. Again, this is just my point of view :)

As usual scene in every election, political ads have been posted everywhere; the candidates and supporters have been very busy in the campaign. Political views from prominent people have been solicited and featured on air in AM, FM and XM Radios and on TV as well. Presidential and Vice-presidential debates were held. I witnessed them all and I learned many things from it particularly about U.S. government.

While I am writing this post, millions of people are lining up to vote. I already have an idea on how the voters will cast their votes because two weeks ago, the ESL Class had toured the county courthouse. The county clerk discussed the political structure of the U.S. government with us and she taught us how to cast our vote in different ways: electronic or paper. We were given a chance to vote using the hi-tech voting machine. I voted for Benjamin Franklin :) I saw neither McCain nor Obama names in the choices :)

If you have poor hearing, the voting machine has a built-in hearing aide; if you are unable to use your hands, you could use your mouth by using a stick that looks like drinking straw for that purpose. If you don’t want to line up on the election day you can vote through mail, just make it sure that your ballots should reach in the courthouse before the election day. And also, you could vote early if you want, early voting was held last October 18 and ended last October 31.

There are different polling places in U.S. namely: schools, churches, malls and convention centers. You can bring anybody with you in the booth as long as you are comfortable with him or her, in fact, you can bring your children with you as well. By the way, Election Day is not a holiday here.

If I could vote, I would vote for Obama. I like his platforms and programs on 95% tax cut of working families, on war, on the economy, health care, veterans’ issues, energy, and education and on working women. Also, I think he got brains.

In fairness to John McCain, I like his sense of humor :) His stints at SNL are just plain funny and if you guys saw him in that charity event that he and Obama gave funny speeches, for me, McCain certainly won that round. His recent interview with Larry King was also funny.

Nevertheless, whoever wins, I am sure that the Americans will support him 101%.

And whoever loses, he will always be a part of this historic event of this country.

May the best man win!

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